6 Flour Containers to Prevent Messy Kitchen Pantries

Do you love a nice and neat kitchen? Then you need dry food storage containers in your life. If you ever baked with an open bag of flour, then you know it can get a little messy and spread everywhere. Flour storage containers not only help keep the mess at bay but they also make your kitchen pantry look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They also store many other dry goods such as cereal, sugar, and rice. You'll wish you bought a flour container sooner!

So if you are ready to give your kitchen pantry a makeover or if you bake a lot, check out these best flour containers from Amazon.

Best Flour Containers

1. Extra Large Tall Food Storage Containers 7 qt/ 220oz/ 6.5L, For Flour, Sugar, Rice - Airtight Kitchen & Pantry Bulk Food Storage - 2 PC Set - Measuring Scoops, Pen & 8 Labels - Chef's Path

Before you start your pantry organization project, make sure you grab this large storage set which also comes with four measuring cups. This set has an airtight lid so you can store flour without worrying about any moisture or pantry bugs tainting your dry goods. This set also includes labels so you can label your brown sugar, flour, and more!

2. Prep Solutions by Progressive Flour Keeper with Built in Leveler, 3.8 Quart Capacity

If you are a heavy-duty baker, you need this 3.8-quart storage that can hold a five-pound bag of flour. Whatever you choose to store inside, this silicone seal creates airtight storage, so your dry goods are safe and secured.

3. Oggi Jumbo 8"" Stainless Steel ""Flour"" Clamp Canister - Airtight Food Storage Container Ideal for Kitchen & Pantry Storage of Flour or other Bulk, Dry Foods."

This large food storage container not only holds up to 10 pounds of flour but it gives your kitchen storage a sleek and clean look. This airtight container will also keep your flour fresh and free of ants.

4. Aesthethic Farmhouse Kitchen Canister Set For Kitchen Counter - Set of 4 Airtight Flour, Sugar, Coffee And Tea Containers Look Fabulous on Your Kitchen Countertop

This leak-proof 4-piece set from Amazon stores flour, sugar, coffee, and tea and will add a touch of vintage style to your countertops.

5. Progressive International Prepworks by Progressive 6-Piece ProKeeper Clear Storage Container Set, Black

This set of plastic containers are stackable, so you can optimize your pantry space. This set of six is not only good for flour, but they are also ideal to use as rice or cereal containers.

6. 4-Piece Stainless Steel Airtight Canister Set, ENLOY Food Storage Container for Kitchen Counter, Tea, Sugar, Coffee, Caddy, Flour Canister with Clear Acrylic Lid n' Locking Clamp Up to 65 oz

These storage canisters are made with BPA-free plastic and are designed with a silicone gasket so your flour and sugar containers will always have an airtight seal and stay fresh. This set is dishwasher-safe but it is recommended to hand wash to preserve the finish.

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