This is the Only Baking Pan You'll Need for Making Stuffed Bell Peppers

Have you made our Philly cheesesteak stuffed bell pepper recipe yet? If not, you are missing out. Meat and cheese are some of the yummiest food combinations of all time. Add it to a bell pepper and you've got yourself an easy meal you'll be craving multiple times a week. Your typical baking dish will work for this recipe, but we've found the best specialty pan for it. You'll use the Stuff it Up Pan every time!

This nonstick pan keeps cheese and meat inside of your peppers. With non-stick coating, you won't run into any trouble getting your peppers out of the pan. Yay for easy release pans! Say goodbye to lopsided stuffed veggies! It holds up to six peppers at once. Since your peppers will stay up correctly, the cleanup process will be so easy. It is dishwasher safe, but Chicago Metallic recommends hand-washing to keep the kitchen tool in the best condition.

Chicago Metallic Professional 6-Cup Non-Stick 'Stuff It Up' Pan, 14.5-Inch

  • Pan holds 5 peppers
  • No more slouching peppers
  • Perfect for delicious stuffed peppers

It's a game-changing piece of bakeware for sure! Having cookware to make your food look nice and pretty makes me feel good. Especially if I'm cooking for someone else. Not only is this gadget great for stuffed peppers, but it's perfect for apples, artichokes, and tomatoes. The Amazon customer reviews on the Chicago Metallic pan are impeccable.

I am overly impressed with Chicago Metallic's specialty bakeware line. On Amazon, you'll find plenty of baking pans in stock that will make dinner time easy. The Lasagna Trio Pan allows you to make three different varieties of lasagna at once. Their Split Decision Pie Pan is perfect for splitting pie recipes. Keep cherry on one side, and blueberry on the other.

It is versatile, so feel free to use it as a muffin pan or for baking small cakes and cornbread.

This post was originally published on December 13, 2019.

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