A Potato Storage Bin is the Answer to Rotting Spuds

You're all set to make a cheesy potato casserole for the family, the perfect filling weeknight meal. You go to get your bag of potatoes from the pantry, only to notice with dismay that your potatoes aren't looking too hot. Since you can usually keep potatoes for a few weeks before use, this experience is especially unexpected and frustrating. Not only have you wasted a good bag of potatoes, now you have to figure out something else for dinner! This is where a potato storage bin comes to the rescue.

Potatoes are known for being versatile and dependable. From mashed potatoes to hash browns to potato casserole, they're predictably delicious. Potatoes are also handy because they stay good for so long. I usually have a bag of potatoes on hand for whenever I'm too lazy to go grocery shopping or want an easy meal. However, potatoes will go bad if stored incorrectly.

Potato Storage Bin

Potatoes thrive in cool dark places like pantries and basements. They need airflow, which is why they are often kept in baskets or burlap storage bags. Potatoes should be kept out of the heat and sun, and it's best to store them in a cubby away from other veggies, since this can cause them to spoil faster. However, it's not always possible to have the ideal storage space for your food. If you have a small pantry or live in a warm climate, you may not be able to keep your potatoes away from moisture and heat. This is why wooden potato storage bins are so useful!

A potato storage bin, similar to an onion storage bin, is a reusable storage container made specially to store potatoes. These bins provide the same purpose for potatoes that a bread box does for bread- keeping them good for as long as possible. They can come in the form of a storage basket or a box, but either way, they will provide ample space for food storage. These containers made for onions and potatoes allow for airflow, and unlike a countertop basket, they shield veggies from sunlight and heat.

Like onion bins, your storage bin can be kept in the kitchen pantry or anywhere that will provide you easy access to your potatoes. If you don't have room in the kitchen, you can even keep it in a corner of the living room! Many people opt for stackable vegetable bins for their kitchen storage and pantry storage, which allow for lots of potatoes without taking up floor space.

Storage Bin as Home Décor

Although potato storage bins are practical kitchen accessories for keeping root vegetables, you can use them as an opportunity to create practical yet attractive home décor! There are many different storage options for potatoes. One option is a potato canister, which can be made of metal or ceramic and is a good option for countertop storage. Another excellent storage choice would be a wicker basket, which adds a rustic feel to your kitchen.

Some storage boxes are made of solid wood, with shelving options for the ultimate space-saving. This is a good storage solution for those with small kitchens or pantries. Those with woodworking experience can even make a diy wooden storage box for vegetable storage. Here's a YouTube tutorial to try it out yourself!

Alternatively, potato storage bins are easy to find on etsy or amazon, and you can choose one that works well with your kitchen setup. It's important to take into account the material and size of your new potato storage bin, ensuring that it will fit in with the rest of your pantry or kitchen. With this storage solution, you'll never have to worry about rotting spuds again!

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