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Use Fish Fertilizer to Make Your Garden Grow

Food scraps make wonderful organic fertilizer. Your leftover banana peels, veggies, and even coffee grounds provide flowering plants with nutrients they need for growth. Soil can only do so much for your plants. Next time you round up leftovers for composting, consider fish. Yes, fish fertilizer is fantastic for flower beds!

The smell might be daunting, but plants can benefit greatly from fish parts. You don't have to go searching for a fish gutting tool anytime soon. Home Depot has liquid fish fertilizer, and gardeners are impressed with the results.

What is Fish Emulsion?

Fish emulsion is essentially what is leftover from a whole fish after creating fish oil and fish meal. Fish oil is often used in health supplements (vitamins), and fish meal is used in farm animal and pet food.

Note: Fish emulsion is not for humans. Take omega-3 fish oil supplements if you'd like to explore the benefits of fish products.

32 oz. 5-1-1 Liquid Fish Fertilizer

Alaska fish fertilizer (OMRI listed) has soil microbes that build soil content for your vegetable garden and flower bed. Over 700 customers have left positive reviews on this liquid fertilizer. A customer left this review and gave it five stars:

"I use it in my gallon sprayer, also add to a 5 gallon bucket of water and pour around newly planted plants. Yes it does stink but I would rather have a couple hours of smell than knowingly dump chemical fertilizer on my plants. Just saying..."

You may be wondering if you can use fish emulsion fertilizer for your house plants. Some people would probably say no because of the smell it might leave for a few hours, but if you're committed to organic gardening, consider this fertilizer for soil health.

I am not surprised that fish emulsion promotes plant growth. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil benefit both humans and pets! You can almost look at giving your outdoor plants fish emulsion as giving your pet probiotics with fish oil. (Fish oil gives your dogs shiny coats and keeps their hearts healthy.)

Want to make DIY fish fertilizer? Our friends over at Wide Open Spaces can teach you everything you need to know about gutting and cleaning fish. As always, YouTube is an excellent reference as well.

If you don't have a green thumb, you're going to love this plant food. Growing season is here, y'all! The organic matter will give your garden plant nutrients to help your flowers and vegetable gardens thrive all season long. This could be the lawn fertilizer you've been looking for.

How to Make Fish Fertilizer

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