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9 Father's Day Cards To Give To Your Hilarious Dad or Stepdad

Greeting card companies might love holidays like Mother's Day and Valentine's Day because it's so customary to give cards on those days to show how much you care, but we think Happy Father's Day cards are great, too! If you've got the best dad around and think he deserves a great Father's Day gift along with a personalized, hilarious card to go with it, there are actually plenty of Father's Day greeting cards out there for you to choose from. Make sure to throw in a dad joke or two and your number one dad should be thrilled to receive one of these.

1. Cheesy Puns Funny Card for Dad

Hallmark has a lot of funny Father's Day cards to choose from alongside the more serious ones about first father's days and thank you cards for stepdads and other father figures who stepped up. This one features chips being dipped in queso with the "dad" card saying, "Look! I'm nacho average dad." Ha! That's a good use of cardstock if you ask us.

2. Beers to Dad Funny Musical Card With Motion

What great dad doesn't want a card featuring music and beer? Beer goes great with brunch, after all.

3. From the Good One Funny Card

This one is pretty simple, but still pretty funny. It reads, "Happy Father's Day from 'the good one,' on the front, but inside it says, "Just kidding. It's from me." If you were a problem child growing up, maybe throw this gift card in the gift bag.

4. A Mandalorian Father's Day 3D card

If your dad loves Star Wars, he'd probably appreciate this pop-up card featuring the Mandalorian and the Child. Father's Day greeting cards with favorite characters are a perfect way to say, "I love you" on this special day.

5. Right Mask Father's Day Card

Why not lean into current events a little bit with this card, featuring a dad wearing a beer mug as a mask? Father's Day wishes can be silly, after all.

6. Well Done, Dad! Card

This card points out your dad's greatest achievement: you! It says, "Well done, Dad! I'm awesome," and "You're welcome" on the inside of the card. How's that for a Father's Day quote?

7. Dad Beards Card

This one with different types of Dad beards is the perfect Father's Day card.

8. I Love My Dad Card

If you'd prefer to make the card funny on your own, why not use this printable card and go the DIY route? After all, you got your humor from your dad, right?

9. Am I a Good Father?

We just had to add this one to the list! It shows a dad asking his son, "Am I a good father, Steve?" only for the son to respond, "My name's David." LOL!

Photo cards are also popular as well, with family memories as well as pictures of Dad's favorite place. No matter which card you snag, dads always appreciate the sentiment. Happy Father's Day!

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