13 Mother's Day Cards to Show How Much You Care

I don't know about you but I think all Mother's Day cards should be funny. Because if you can't laugh at how hard, amazing, heart-wrenching, and heart-warming motherhood is all at the same time, then how can you possibly be "The Best Mom Ever" anyway? At least that what it says on the card.

But not every mom is into funny Mother's Day cards. Some think the perfect card should have a watercolor painting on the front and messages of "I love you" and "thinking of you" and "for a special woman on a special day" on the inside.

Modern technology has given us ecards for those who never make it to the post office on time. And there's plenty of options to personalize your card ideas. Websites like Shutterfly will slap your face on a photo card with a frilly "love you mom" font. Or even better, put your face and message on a pillow to add to your mother-in-law's home decor. That way the card and mother's day gift is a 2 for 1 deal!

Some Mother's Day cards include magnets and stickers as a bonus gift. Some are intricate cut-outs that pop up and double as a centerpiece. The DIY type mom may even frame an especially pretty card. But one thing is for sure. All moms love Mother's Day cards. And brunch. They love brunch too. A lot.


Here Are Some Card Ideas All Available From Amazon

1. One Tough Mutha

The front message proclaims you are One Tough Mutha. And on the inside you are validated with "I get all my bad-assery from you, Mom. Happy Mother's Day". This card is especially cool because of the message magnet that comes with it.

2. Oritouchpop Happy Mother's Day Pop Up Card, 3D Paper Flower Bouquet

The pop up paper flower bouquet will bring eternal floral beauty to your mother, wife, or any female relative. Not just for Mother's Day since you can personalize this card any way you like. Fresh flower allergies aren't an issue and this pop up greeting card makes a lovely centerpiece.

3. From Both of Us Ugly Children

This card says it all. But not quite all since it's blank on the inside. Personalize it for your mom with a great sense of humor.

4. For The Very Traditional Happy Mother's Day Card

This old school card features a painted butterfly and flowers with gold glitter. It's a safe bet. Inside reads: "Hope it's filled with all the things that make you smile, that touch your heart, that you most enjoy . . . Because that's what a wonderful mom like you deserves. Happy Mother's Day."

5. Mother's Day Card for the Yoga Practicing Mom


Is your mom limber? This Yoga Positions for Mom card will crack her up. I especially like the "escape to the closet to eat cookies" pose. Inside, it wishes mom a peaceful day with the word "Momaste"


6. The Inappropriate Gag Card for Mother's Day

This card is blank inside for you to write your own message to your mom, stepmom or just someone who felt like a mother to you. 

7. Pop Up Card for Grandmother From A Little Child 


Who can argue with a cute pop-up panda? Not me, that's for sure. 

8. Freddie Mercury Card For Mom | Mamma Oooh Card

This card is blank inside because when you give your Mamma a card with Freddie Mercury on it, there's not much else to say.

9. For Your Fellow Mom Friend

For your mom friend that you call when you just need a non-judgemental ear that understands. Or for your mom friend that you get to do drunken karaoke with once a year...


10.  A Hug Card For Mom

In a year when so many of us couldn't hug our moms, here's a cute hug card. This funny Mother's Day greeting card features a fuzzy pink plush-haired critter. Your little kids will take this card from you immediately after you receive it.

11. For the Mom Who Likes Some Saucy Humor


Inside it says, "I'm sure it was nice before I barged through." I cracked up at this one. 

12. For The Latte Loving Mom

Coffee and motherhood. Need I say more?

13. Lots of Mothers and Mother Figures In Your Life?


These retro cards with a wicked sense of humor remind us just how much we have to laugh at motherhood. This set of 10 cards can be distributed all the mothers in your life. Or framed for some fun home decor.

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