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12 Stunning Reasons Watercolor Wedding Cakes Are the Latest Trend

The watercolor theme has taken world by storm, and what better place for it than on your wedding cake! The latest trend in wedding fashion, if you're getting married this year, then a watercolor cake is a must. For each wedding theme, there's a watercolor cake to match.

Bursting with creativity, the watercolor wedding cake is a true work of art. Each cake is hand-painted in a beautifully unique design that's perfect for your big day. If you're cake testing for the big event, here are some show stopping ideas that would be gorgeous for your wedding day.

1. Elegant Teal with Gold

Imagine how gorgeous the photos will be with this cake in the shot.

2. Something Blue

This is your "something blue" piece that everyone will be talking about.

3. Sunset in Spring

Gorgeous for an intimate wedding at sunset.

4. Colors of Love

This is your big day, so celebrate it with the vibrant colors of life!

5. Pretty in Pink

The Pretty in Pink trio is a crowd pleaser for the girl with a large guest list.

6. Spring Blossom

Simply classy.

7. Flamingo Florida

Getting married in Miami? Have some fun and go full Florida-themed with this flamingo, palm tree, and citrus cake.

8. Garden Wedding

How gorgeous would this look on display in a garden themed wedding?!

9. Art Lovers Masterpiece

For the creative couple looking to wow, this passionate masterpiece says it all.

10. Dreamy Blue

This dreamy blue wedding cake is a show stopper.

11. Butterfly Blue

Elegant and fun, the whimsical butterflies will look splendid on your big day.

12. Pop the Question

Say it with cake!

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