The Old Farmer's Almanac Helps Predict if You'll Have a White Christmas

Does the thought of a white Christmas make you break into a Bing Crosby song or conjure up visions of snow shovels dancing in your head? Either way, The Old Farmer's Almanac is here to help predict the weather for the holiday season.

The trusty Almanac's White Christmas weather tool allows you to search the predicted weather in your region by entering your zip code.

Farmer's Almanac Weather Predictions for Christmas 2020

According to the Farmer's Almanac website, snow flurries in the days leading up to Christmas are expected in the Northeast, Lower Lakes and Intermountain regions. Milder temperaturers are expected on Christmas day.

In the upper midwest, High Plains and Alaska, there's a good chance for a white Christmas — paired with cold winter temperatures.

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Those in the Heartland, Appalachian regions and Ohio Valley are likely to see snow mixed with precipitation, the Almanac predicts.

The Southeast, Deep South and Atlantic Corridor regions are predicted to see rain and mild temperatures over the holiday season.

The Desert Southwest can expect snowfall in the eastern portion of the region and sunshine in the west, the Almanac says.

Texas, Florida, Hawaii and the Pacific Coast won't be having a white Christmas this year — sunny, clear skies are the forecast for Christmas.

Weather in Your Region

Visit the Old Farmer's Almanac website to see the predicted weather in your area!


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