Fans Send Their Support To Tim McGraw After His Uncle Hank Dies
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Fans Send Their Support To Tim McGraw After His Uncle Hank Dies

Tim McGraw is experiencing a devastating loss. The country music icon revealed that the McGraw family recently lost their patriarch. His beloved Uncle Hank has died.
In a Facebook post, McGraw honored his uncle's legacy. I can see that McGraw inherited some of his talent from his uncle. After all, his uncle played music and loved singing. I can only hope my future nephews look at me in the same regard.
He wrote, "This weekend we lost the patriarch of the McGraw family. Our beloved "Uncle Hank". He was just an incredible man — he had a way of lighting up any room he walked into without trying. He was a no-bs, straight shooter. Honest and truthful, even if it hurt. A true renaissance man, All American high school athlete, 11 years professional baseball, played guitar, sang beautifully, was an incredible leather and bead craftsman, and more than that, he was a good friend to all who knew him, and he loved with an open heart... Aw man, and he told the best stories! He was and continues to be a huge presence in the lives of our family and his friends. He was a legend and that legend will grow with each passing year in future generations of McGraws! We will keep his memories alive!! He loved, he was so very loved and he will be terribly missed. So much more to say about him.... But I will stop for now."

Tim McGraw Remembers Uncle

In a story published, Hank McGraw opened up about playing professionally for baseball. He said that he fought back against the racism in the league at the time.
"Racism was a serious mind-f—- for me," Hank said. "I couldn't just ignore it. I ended up in the backs of buses, singing with the blacks and Latinos. Some managers, when you lost, wanted it so quiet you could hear a rat piss on cotton. I wanted to win, but I cared more about how you played, about the game not ending than about winning or losing. I'd be singing Splish Splash (I Was Takin' a Bath) when I was supposed to be thinking about how horses—- I was. That's one of the things that started the label on me."
In response to his passing, one fan wrote, "I'm so very sorry for your loss! Keeping all of his family and friends in my heart and prayers during this difficult time." Another wrote, "So very sorry for your loss. Sending my deepest condolences and sympathy.. May God put his Angel wings around y'all for comfort.. Praying for the family and friends!"
Yet another wrote, "Condolences for the loss of your loved one sending prayers that God may bless you all at this time and always."