Journey's Steve Perry Rocks Out to 'Don't Stop Believin'" at Baseball Game
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Journey's Steve Perry Rocks Out to 'Don't Stop Believin' at Baseball Game And Fans Love It

There isn't a karaoke bar on the planet where people don't perform Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin'. It's one of the most iconic rock songs of all time. People love to try and emulate lead singer Steve Perry's distinct vocal belting. Fans never hesitate to show love either.

Recently, a post on X (formerly known as Twitter) shows the power balladeer attending a San Francisco Giants game. Cameras quickly catch wind of his appearance. Naturally, word travels and the stadium quickly plays "Don't Stop Believin." The crowd and cameras alike quickly rush to him for his reaction. Most times, big-name celebrities are bashful, simply taking in the love and hoping to relax in peace. However, this time is different.

Instead, Perry plays to the crowd and unlocks his old performer habits. He lip-syncs with the song, pointing to his ear so he can hear the fans in attendance sing along louder. Once the crowd gets into it, he leaves his seat, running down the stairs to get closer to the rest of the audience. He wears a contagious smile, elated people still love the band's music all these years later.

Fans Give Perry His Flowers

Thousands of people are eating this up on social media. Many are taking the time to appreciate the long-lasting legacy Perry and the rest of Journey leave behind. "He is in my opinion, one of the best vocalists of the rock era," one user echoes.

Another user emphasizes how much songs by Journey are beloved at karaoke. "The same thing happens whenever you sing a Journey song at any karaoke place," they tweet. "People lose their minds. It's mostly women who sing Journey as his voice is so incredible most men can't hit the notes. This is amazing."

Some question the video's recency. Different replies ask when this video originates from. Ultimately, one reply is kind enough to show what Steve Perry looks like closer to today.

Regardless, it's heartwarming to see him light up with glee when the crowd sings his song.