Falling Bulldozer Kills CEO And His Daughter In Freak Accident

Falling Bulldozer Kills CEO And His Daughter In Freak Accident

Richard David Hendrickson was driving along Ogden Canyon in Utah when a major, fatal accident took place. The Lifetime Products CEO was in the car with his daughter, Sally, alongside his wife and their two other children. Per a press release from Utah's Department of Public Safety, a tow truck carrying a bulldozer ultimately led to the deaths of Hendrickson and Sally.

"On Saturday, July 6, 2024, at approximately 12:49 pm, a tow truck carrying a mini bulldozer was traveling eastbound on SR-39 near milepost 9. The vehicle was negotiating a right-hand curve when the bulldozer broke free, sliding off the driver's side. A GMC pickup was traveling westbound towing a boat.

"The bulldozer landed on the GMC pickup. The adult male driver and one juvenile female passenger were pronounced dead on the scene. Two other adult passengers were transported with non-life-threatening injuries. SR 39 was closed at both ends of Ogden Canyon for the crash investigation."

An Accident Sees Falling Bulldozer Kill CEO Of Lifetime Products And His Daughter

The Lifetime Products website released a statement honoring Hendrickson. "Richard was more than a company leader — he was also a visionary and a friend to many within our business and the wider community. He is well-known for having a uniquely broad and extensive set of talents and interests. His mechanical aptitude is legendary, often surprising the engineers throughout the company.

"He also excelled in finance, management, and sales. Above all this, though, was his caring focus on people, both within Lifetime and among its vendors and suppliers. He was truly special in his ability to respectfully engage others, regardless of their position or level within the supply chain. His ability to connect with people bound all of his other talents together in a very special way."

Spencer Cox, Governor of Utah, also expressed his condolences through his X (formerly known as Twitter) account. "Richard was a friend and incredible leader. We are heartbroken by his tragic passing with his daughter Sally. We mourn with the surviving members of his family and pray they will find comfort and healing."

By all accounts, Richard David Hendrickson was a visionary and a picture-perfect leader. Rest in Peace, Richard and Sally.