This DIY Fall Garland Adds an Autumnal Twist to Your Home Decor

I love the decor that comes with the fall season- harvest-themed pumpkins, corn and gourds, along with the warm colors of the changing leaves. One of the best ways to celebrate the season is to decorate your home with these fall colors, from putting jack-o-lanterns on your front porch to making centerpieces of mini gourds. Another way to take advantage of the beautiful autumn leaves covering your yard and sidewalks is to make a fall garland.

Fall Leaf Garlands

A leaf garland will add a pop of color to your front door, and goes great with autumn harvest decor and Halloween decorations. Just like pine wreaths are a big part of Christmas decor, fall wreaths are the perfect way to bring seasonality to your home decor.

In the same vein as sunflower garlands, pinecone garlands, and berry garlands, a fall foliage garland is a great DIY addition to your outdoor decor. Plus, this autumn decoration has great accessibility, since you can use the autumn foliage in your own yard, and it's far more satisfying than simply buying an artificial maple leaf garland!

You can use this fall foliage decor as a door wreath, mantel decor, or hang it up in your dining room for a Thanksgiving decoration. For an extra pop of brightness, twist a string lights with led lights through your garland so that it's lit up at night. This is especially fun if you're using it for party decorations.

However, for those who'd rather buy their holiday decor, here are some lovely fall garlands to choose from!

How to Make a DIY Fall Leaf Garland

Start by going on a walk in the neighborhood, collecting leaves. Search for a variety of sizes, colors and shapes, especially looking for leaves that are fresh and not dried out yet. If you want them to be flatter, press them in a heavy book overnight before starting the garland.

You can also choose a specific type of leaf if you prefer, using maple leaves for a fall maple leaves garland, or oak leaves for an oak autumn leaves garland. A garland with fresh leaves will last a few weeks, but if you want it to last indefinitely, it's best to wax the leaves.

If you'd rather use artificial leaves to skip this step, here are some beautiful ones on Amazon.

Get a needle and some embroidery floss, and cut the length of the embroidery floss that you want your garland to be. Spread out your leaves and thread them on the floss in the order you like. It's best to bring the needle through the leaves twice so they stay on. If you're making a super long leaf garland, you might want to thread them from both ends to make sure they don't get tangled.

And voila, you have the perfect addition to your fall decor, made with the foliage from your own yard!

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