Fake Wasp Nest: The Secret to Keeping Wasps Away

I am terrified of wasps. I will never understand the "insects are more scared of you" argument. There's no way! Does anyone else take off in a sprint when a wasp comes near them? I definitely understand steering clear when I'm out in a park, but it's different when they claim your patio or balcony as their territory. If wasps love making your backyard their home each summer, then you need a fake wasp nest.

A fake wasp nest will deter wasps from your patio. It turns out wasps will have no interest in building a new nest if they already see a wasp colony. They'll move on to the next location! If you're looking for a non-toxic wasp deterrent, then this is your best bet right here.

Wasp Nest Decoy - 2 Pack - Hanging Fake Wasp Nest

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  • Perfect for keeping wasps away
  • Repel wasps without pesticide

Amazon is selling a two-pack for only $7. The Mood Lab Store says the best place for fake wasp nests are under eaves, trees, or any outdoor living area (campsites, eating area, front porch, front door, etc.). If you have a wasp problem, then you're going to love these decoy nests.

?Amazon's customer reviews are terrific. Homeowners love them! A customer left a five-star review and said, "Purchased these to try to prevent wasps from building nests on our porch. It seems to be working, we have not seen any new nests since this has been up."

Keep in mind that you have to get rid of established nests. If you don't feel comfortable getting rid of them, call pest control services or an exterminator.

If you've ever been stung by a yellow jacket, then you know exactly why these artificial wasp nests are getting quite the "buzz" from customers. Also, it's time to save the bees! We love this non-toxic deterrent. No one wants to hurt a beehive. We need these pollinators (but not too close to our patios), especially if a family member has a horrible insect sting allergy.

Wasp Repellent

?You may already have existing nests (wasp or hornet nests) if you didn't put a fake wasp nest up in early spring. Like many households, I grew up with wasp spray in the garage or under the kitchen sink. Before you can use a hanging wasp deterrent, you have to take down old nests from last year.

Good ol' wasp repellent spray can kill many species of wasps quickly.

?Eco-Friendly + DIY Wasp Repellent

Don't want to buy numerous paper wasp nests or wasp killer? No worries! Some DIYers love using essential oils and paper bags to deter wasps. (Wasps are not fans of peppermint oil.)

Say goodbye to hornet nests for good, y'all!

This post was originally published on August 24, 2020.

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