Elvis Presley Jockstrap
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Elvis Presley's Jockstrap is for Sale for $36K

The perfect gift for the Elvis Presley fan who's got everything hit the market: a bejeweled, fan-made jockstrap that's expected to sell for around $36,000.

The late singer's jockstrap, complete with the initials EP on the waistband in blue rhinestones, is available through UK-based Paul Fraser Collectables.

Presley's jockstrap and other items from throughout his career once resided in the collection of Jimmy Velvet, owner of an Elvis Presley museum in Memphis, Tennessee.

"[It's] Extravagant. Absurd. Sexually potent. This rhinestone-studded jockstrap is pure Elvis Presley. I'm sure the new owner won't be able to resist wearing it out on a Saturday night - the Elvis magic will work wonders, I'm certain. This is a rare opportunity to own an intimate piece of the King," Paul Fraser Collectibles' Daniel Wade told the Daily Mail.

If the glitzy piece is out of your price range, check out some of the less expensive items in Paul Frasier Collectibles' celebrity memorabilia sale. For example, collectors can snag Marc Bolan of the band T. Rex's afghan coat, a pair of knickers from Madonna's Who's That Girl tour or a lock of Marilyn Monroe, John F Kennedy or Presley's hair for, relatively speaking, a bargain price.

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In all seriousness, Elvis Presley's jockstrap truly is a unique piece of memorabilia that represents his flashy wardrobe and gives us an example of Presley wearing something hand-made by a devoted fan.

Earlier this year, Graceland auctioned off  288 items from Elvis' personal and professional collection, including clothing, jewelry, autographs, concert memorabilia, Hollywood items and his golf cart. Highlights included a Presley-worn alpaca vest he gifted to Texas DJ and personal friend Eddie Fadal and a 1957 Elvis Presley Enterprises Elvis doll in a rare original shipping box.

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