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Here’s What TV Mob Wife Edie Falco Thinks About the Viral Fashion Trend

The former 'Sopranos' star has something to say

Edie Falco, renowned for playing Carmela Soprano on "The Sopranos," has weighed in on TikTok's latest fashion craze: the so-called "mob wife aesthetic."

This glitzy, nostalgic trend, featuring animal prints, sparkling jewelry, big hair and fur coats, is inspired by iconic mob wives like Falco's character. Given that she lived the "aesthetic" before TikTokers decided to give it a name and make it go viral, it of course makes sense that she would have something to say about the look in general.

The actress shared her candid critique of the style with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), applauding the homage to Carmela's style but taking issue with real fur being used.

"'The Sopranos' had nothing on the violence of the fur industry, which gasses, electrocutes, and skins animals alive. Torture doesn't belong in our closets," she added, preferring to keep the focus squarely on the types of accessories typically seen among fashionistas who adopt the trend.

She passionately argued that fans should opt for faux fur as they emulate the look.

"If you're after the trending Carmela Soprano-inspired 'mob wife' aesthetic, I suggest grabbing one of the many faux furs out there and leaving animals out of it," she advised, pointedly.

Falco will star in a "Sopranos"-themed, anti-fur ad for PETA during the Super Bowl, driving home her stance to make sure followers know exactly how she feels about the matter.

While flattered by the imitation, "Sopranos" costume designer Juliet Polcsa also noted the appeal of the "mob wife" is more than clothes - it's the attitude and confidence Carmela exudes. And even "Godfather" director Francis Ford Coppola acknowledged the trend, though he feels it bears little relation to his work.

Nonetheless, the fascination underscores TikTok's intrigue with mob wives' strength and style, led by Falco's Carmela, who has become something of a poster child for those looking to dress like powerful women. If you plan on trying it out for yourself, though, be sure to heed Falco's words and don't get on her bad side.

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