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Celebs are Praising Drew Barrymore for Slapping Back at Twisted Tabloids

Former child star turned talk show host Drew Barrymore recently took tabloids to task over a story that manipulated her words about her relationship with her mother. Now, celebrities worldwide are rallying behind Barrymore, making their support for her known.

Barrymore's difficult and complex relationship with her mother is no secret, though it may come as a surprise to some. Her struggle, like many other child stars, was public and painful, culminating in her legal emancipation at 14.

A recent interview with New York Magazine saw Barrymore discussing her personal journey candidly. The actress spoke about her wish to grow and thrive without holding onto the hope of her mother's absence, a sentiment misunderstood by the tabloids.

When Page Six twisted her words into a sensationalized headline, implying that Barrymore wished her mother dead, the Santa Clarita Diet star didn't stay quiet. In a passionate response video, the actress refuted the allegations, saying, "You know what, to all you tabloids out there, you have been messing with my life since I was 13 years old... I have never said that I wished my mother was dead. How dare you put those words in my mouth."

Barrymore attracted words of support and appreciation from her colleagues, who were appreciative that she took the time to say something about what she had gone through.

Jennifer Garner wrote "You're brave and real and I adore you xxx."

"Thank you for taking this on," Michelle Pfeiffer responded. "I saw that and knew you didn't say it."

Meanwhile, Jennifer Love Hewitt cheered, "Yes! Let them have it!" Cara Delevingne wrote "We love you Drew" with a heart and flame emoji. Alyssa Milano simply left three clapping emoji, while Padma Lakshmi offered a kind "Ugh. So sorry. We all knew what you meant. Thank you for your vulnerability always."

Debra Messing summed it up nicely: "Warrior."

Page Six's report is still live with a retraction. Meanwhile, Barrymore is seeing support wash over here from her Hollywood friends and family as well as fans who aren't happy with the way the situation was portrayed. Say what you will about Barrymore, but this situation makes it clear: she's going to stand up for herself and others she cares about.

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