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Dolly Parton Fans Bummed After Being Tricked by Fake TikTok Account

It looks like Dolly Parton fans received their April Fools prank a little late this year. Apparently, a random user decided to prank all of Tiktok by creating a fake account for the queen of country, and ,I'll admit it, even I fell for it. The unverified user made us believe that the 75-year-old was the latest celebrity to join the social media platform by posting a video of her saying hi to her fans. Wearing a bright yellow top and matching blue and yellow patterned flared pants, Parton was shown delivering quite an adorable uplifting message for all.

While on camera she stated, "Why hello, I guess I'm on TikTok! I just dropped in to say that it will be okay." She quickly then began to sing a song telling her followers, "If I can do it, so can you...I believe in you." As expected her arrival on Tik-Tok was met with several outpouring of emotions and excitement from fans and followers celebrating her arrival.

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The account quickly went over 680,000 followers with one million likes on the video, but unfortunately, it was actually a fake! Apparently, a representative from Parton confirmed to Fox News that the account was indeed not the singer or her team at all. Instead, it was a random user on the platform who adopted a video of the legendary star from Parton's Imagination Library Website.

Tik-Tok quickly took matters into their own hands and deleted the TikTok account as soon as they heard. A representative for the company stated, "We do not allow accounts that pose as another person or entity in a deceptive manner."

Still, the fake video just proved how powerful the "Jolene" singer is after receiving more than a million likes. I don't know about you, but I think it's time that Parton really addressed this and gives people what they really want: a real TikTok video of her.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure her schedule is pretty booked, and she's not worried about doing videos anytime soon. In August, the country music icon had announced that she is co-writing her first novel alongside best-selling writer James Patterson. The book, titled Run, Rose, Run, is expected to hit the shelves in March of 2020.

The Nashville superstar also released a 12 track album with original songs that were inspired by the book itself. Through Twitter she announced, "I cannot be more excited about the release of my very first novel #RunRoseRun with @jamespattersonbooks. I also have a new CD to go along with the book, based on its characters and situations."