Dillon Carmichael American Flag
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Rising Country Star Dillon Carmichael's Giving American Flags to Neighbors

Rising country singer-songwriter Dillon Carmichael is bringing a strong sense of patriotism to Hendersonville, Tennessee (which is less than 20 miles north of Nashville).

After Carmichael purchased his home in 2020, one of the first things he did was display an American flag outside.

Carmichael's beautiful, new flag made him notice how many ragged, old flags flew in his neighborhood.

"At that moment, it was kind of like when you buy a new car, and you start seeing cars just like yours. I started seeing flags that were ripped up or destroyed from a storm," Carmichael said, as quoted by Nashville's News Channel 5.

To right this wrong, the Kentucky native posted a Facebook Marketplace ad that offered a free flag to any neighbor. The response has forced Carmichael to replenish his Old Glory back stock.

"It's been awesome," Carmichael told News Channel 5. "It's really a thing about fellowship, hanging out with people during this time. It's lonely for a lot of people."

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So far, the "I Do For You" singer's hung around 15 flags for neighbors.

"It's just a motivation to get out and hang the American flag," Carmichael told News Channel 5. "It's hard to completely explain. Whether I do it or influence someone else to do it, that's the goal at the end of the day."

Carmichael recorded his debut album Hell on an Angel (2018) with award-winning producer Dave Cobb. It features "Dancing Away With My Heart" and the Jon Pardi co-write "Country Women."

New songs include the title track of an upcoming EP, "Hot Beer," plus "Lucky Man" and "Sawin' Logs."

Carmichael's the nephew of country stars John Michael Montgomery and Montgomery Gentry's Eddie Montgomery.

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