Oak Ridge Boys Front Porch Singin
The Oak Ridge Boys arrive at the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 5, 2009. (AP Photo/Dan Steinberg)

The Oak Ridge Boys Announce New, Dave Cobb-Produced Album 'Front Porch Singin''

Country Music Hall of Fame members and gospel music legends The Oak Ridge Boys' next album, Front Porch Singin', should suit a summer that hopefully marks the return of responsibly-planned outdoor gatherings. The Oaks' fourth collaboration with producer Dave Cobb arrives on June 11 and will feature the recently unveiled song "Love, Light and Healing."

Singers Duane Allen, Joe Bonsall, William Lee Golden and Richard Sterban recorded the album while the pandemic limited their time on the road.

"This title has become more of an attitude than anything else," shares Bonsall in a press release. "What if the four of us were sitting on a porch together and someone begins to sing a favorite old gospel song, like 'Swing Down Chariot,' or a country and Western standard like 'Red River Valley,' and everyone else just joined in? That is what happened at RCA Studio A. But, as usual under producer Dave Cobb's leadership, this album turned into so much more."

Cobb suggested the front porch swinging and singing approach as a way to accentuate the new album's themes.

"I always love working with The Oaks and with this album, they've really captured the warmest feelings of home and family," Cobb says in a press release.

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Faith and optimism also mark an album recorded at an unorthodox time for the music industry.

"This project is quite honestly one of the most heartfelt albums we have ever recorded," Bonsall adds. "It was a bit strange to social distance from each other in the studio, but I believe it drew us all closer and in doing so we may have inadvertently recorded the perfect project for this time period. These songs, whether new or old, reflect a certain optimism and a deep-seated faith that God will work all of this out as we move forward. Life is beautiful as one song says. We must embrace it and celebrate it with all of our being."

The Oak Ridge Boys, named for a city in East Tennessee, entered the secular music world with the 1977 album Y'all Come Back Saloon. An ongoing run as Nashville stars brought us such hits as "Elvira," "American Made," "Bobbie Sue" and "Thank God For Kids." The group's blend of country and gospel quartet traditions has netted five Grammy Awards plus numerous ACM, CMA and Dove Awards honors.

Front Porch Singin' Track List

01. "Life Is Beautiful"
02. "Love, Light, And Healing"
03. "Old Ways"
04. "Promised Land"
05. "Red River Valley"
06. "Life's Railway To Heaven"
07. "Rock My Soul"
08. "Swing Down Chariot"
09. "'Till I See You Again"
10. "Unclouded Day"
11. "When He Calls"

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