Despite Her Fall, Carrie Underwood's Fans Loved Her Rain-Soaked Performance
Photo By Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Stagecoach

Despite Her Fall, Carrie Underwood's Fans Loved Her Rain-Soaked Performance

By now, it's absolutely no secret. Carrie Underwood put on the show of a lifetime at the Carolina Country Music Fest! To get the unpleasantness out of the way first: yes, she did take what looked to be a major fall later while leaving. However, though the aftermath of the show was rough, Underwood showed off.

It started pouring rain at the Carolina Country Music Fest, and we aren't talking about a drizzle. It was effectively a downpour. Where that would've stopped other performers dead in their tracks, it only fueled Underwood to deliver a spectacle for the audience.

Indeed, Underwood took to the stage like Poseidon, invigorated by the pouring rain rather than deterred. It's a moment! The crowd is singing along, and the rain may as well not even exist for how little Underwood and the crowd are bothered by it. That fervor spread beyond the Carolina Country Music Fest to completely swallow social media.

"I don't know much about your music but I'm going to see you sometime that personality shines like a light out of the sky. Tom," one X (formerly known as Twitter) user said. I love that they signed off on the post at the end. Good stuff, Tom!

Carrie Underwood Doesn't Let A Little Rain Ruin Her Carolina Country Music Fest Performance

When they play the highlight reel of Underwood's career one day, this will certainly be among her most extravagant showings. If we ignore the incident afterward, it was a scene straight out of a movie about a shy woman who learns to be a confident superstar at the end. Like, come on. This is definitely the final scene of a film before the credits roll.

"I was a couple of people back from you- it will be a memory I'll take with me for life! Thank you so staying out there with us," another X user chimed in. This is Grammy behavior, y'all. She ain't got eight of them for nothing! Some people find an excuse, and others find a way. Carrie Underwood certainly found the only way the Carolina Country Music Fest could've concluded.