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Queso Pong is the New Beer Pong Game You Never Asked For

There are no shortage of drinking games that take inspiration from beer pong. We've seen everything from Prosecco Pong to Putter Pong, and still the beer pong variations on the low maintenance drinking game just keep coming. There was one thing that was missing, though, that would really get the party started and it all began when Del Taco released Queso Pong.

Del Taco posted a video of Queso Pong in action on their Facebook page with the caption, "Who's got the next round of queso pong?" Queso blanco filled red Solo cups, and as it turns out, everyone wanted a go.

In this new Queso Pong, the classic red Solo cups are filled with queso, not beer. Teammates throw tortilla chips into them instead of ping-pong balls, and when you land in a cup, that cup is removed.

Of course, leave it to Del Taco to take it one step further for the lucky pong players out there.

On Friday, November 10, Del Taco gave away 20 official Queso Pong packs on a limited basis.

The free packs included enough queso to fill the 12 Del Taco cups, a rules sheet, a huge back of chips, and convenient carrying pack to transport it all.

Queso Pong flew out of the California location almost immediately. The Del Taco branded cups or the Queso Pong pack are, so far, not available on Amazon for purchase, but the set-up is easy enough to make at home with a top-notch queso recipe.

Leave it to fast food to get inventive with one of the easiest party games ever. We can only wonder what type of beer pong will be next, whether it's homegrown on social media or a new take from someone like Whataburger. There has to be something with onion rings, right?

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