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Putter Pong: The Best New Tailgating Game the Whole Family Will Love

Was there ever a more glorious question than, "Who wants to play pong?" While that once only meant beer pong (or Civil War, if you're fancy), soon there will be another pong to rival the traditional table game. Meet Putter Pong, the combination of golf and skeeball that you never even knew you needed. Until now, that is. Beer pong golf? Count me in.

So what exactly is Putter Pong? Only the best thing since cornhole was invented. The central purpose of the game is to putt the ball into one of the six nets in the backboard, just like skeeball. You can place cups in the nets for a bigger target, or you can go sans cups. Seems simple enough, right?

The golfers among us will laugh at how simple it is, but just wait until you have one or two or six beers in you on a warm day. As a novice golfer whose expertise ends at mini golfing, Putter Pong was exceptionally easy to play and enjoyable at that.


If you're not one for keeping score, you can download their scoring app that records it for you. Skill helps when it comes to this game, but it also doesn't matter a lick when you consider the six games that the creators supplied instructions for online.

Of the team games, including the '6-Cup' Game, the 'Keep Cup' Game, and the '21' Game, I was a big fan of the 'Keep Cup' Game because the scoring is simple: the winner is the person who made the most cups. I'm not the best

For one-on-one games, the instructions are easy all around. Choosing between the 'Putter Pong' Game, the 'Sudden Death' Game, and the 'THOT Cup' Game is hard, but the classic Putter Pong Game was my favorite. It had me yelling, "Putt up or shut up," very obnoxiously at my competition so, sorry (not sorry) Scott.

Overall, Putter Pong is an easily transported tailgate game that requires literally no set up at all. The entire game folds into itself and locks in its wood casing that not only works as a prop for the green, but also as the backboard. This means that it's not only sturdy, but that it can be packed tightly into the truck bed or car on your way to a daylong or a summer barbecue.

Don't just use it outside! Putter Pong makes an excellent office addition, and would be great to let loose on a Friday around 4:30 pm for some light inter-office putting competition. Maybe you're the type that just thinks best with a putter in hand. Or bring it inside for those barbecues that just turn stormy without notice. Either way, it will certainly keep you entertained.

The putter comes in three pieces that screw together along with four golf balls, with two in red and two in blue. Apart from those items and a six-pack (highly recommended), that's all you need to get started with Putter Pong. How easy is that?

Putter Pong is available online, and it's a game that the whole family can play. Whether you're with a drinking crowd for a tailgate or barbecue, or hanging with the family on a Sunday afternoon, Putter Pong is a fun game that teaches putting basics in an enjoyable way. How'd you like some education with your beer? We'll take it!