Darius Rucker Breaks Silence On Drug Arrest
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Darius Rucker Breaks Silence On Drug Arrest: 'I’ve Never Seen The Inside Of A Jail Cell'

For the first time since the initial misdemeanor drug charges filed against him in February, Darius Rucker spoke out about the alarming situation. Per TODAY, Rucker said he got stopped by police after friends who were moving asked him to "take some stuff." The Hootie & the Blowfish vocalist — now a successful country singer — further explained the circumstances of the arrest.

"I went down and we handled it," Rucker said. "My lawyers are taking care of it. It is what it is."

Rucker continued, saying, "It was funny because I was going to a friend's house, they were moving and asked me to take some stuff. And I did and got pulled, got stopped. And the crazy thing was, they let me go."

The vocalist describes receiving word about the arrest a year later. "It was a year later that I get a phone call that said there was a warrant for my arrest," Rucker explained. "So I went down. Fifty-seven years, I've never seen the inside of a jail cell."

Darius Rucker Finally Speaks Out On His Pending Misdemeanor Drug Charges

According to Rucker, the charges are still pending. Per the Los Angeles Times, Rucker was initially arrested and charged with two counts of simple drug possession and casual exchange and one count of violation of registration law. The latter charge was because Rucker allegedly let his tags expire on his car.

Rucker was booked in Williamson County jail and released after posting a $10,500 bond. The three-time Grammy winner "is fully cooperating with authorities related to misdemeanor charges," as stated by Rucker's attorney, Mark Puryear.

When Rucker was finally asked to clarify exactly how he ended up with the substances, Rucker said that his friends left them in his care as they couldn't fly with them.

"They were moving and couldn't fly with it," Rucker stated. "They said, 'Can you take this,' and I said, 'Yeah.'" That's where Rucker's situation currently stands. With pending charges and an aura of mystery. When we at Wide Open Country learn more about the developing story, we'll be sure to update our readers accordingly.