$21 'Yellowstone' Birthday Party Set Is Perfect for Rowdy Celebrations

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Everyone needs a cake for their special day. Whether it's for a wedding, shower, birthday, or just because, a cake is absolutely necessary. Grab your favorite icing for your cake, and to top things off (no pun intended), grab a cute cake topper.

We rounded up cake decorations for baby shower cakes, your wedding day, birthday girls, and more.

Cute Cake Toppers

1. Best Wedding Cake Topper

This wedding decor is perfect for love birds. Customize the last name for your gorgeous white cake.

Trust me, you'll wish you went all out on a cake for your big day! Other than you and your partner, everyone will be taking pictures of your cake. The best-selling custom cake topper is only $9.99.

2. Best Baby Shower Topper

This "oh baby" cake topper is too cute! I know it looks like a gold cake topper, but it's actually wood.

Hillary wrote, "Looked so cute on my baby shower cake!"

I absolutely agree. Since the color isn't flashy, it'll look great with any theme you have at your baby shower. Whether your cake design is for baby boys or baby girls, it'll look beautiful.

(Definitely look into wooden cake toppers if you're into rustic wedding ideas.)

3. Best for 16th Birthday Parties

"Sweet Sixteen!" (Hilary Duff voice.) This adorable cake centerpiece is perfect for anyone turning 16. I was obsessed with rose gold at 16, so to no surprise, this is a popular happy birthday cake topper.

It's a great gift idea for the birthday girl if you're making a DIY birthday cake.

4. Best for 21st Birthdays or Bachelorette Parties

LOL. This cake topper is too funny. It's a great topper for 21 and up. It's perfect for birthdays, bachelorette parties, or other fun celebrations (like quitting a terrible job).

C'mon ladies. We've all been there on plenty of occasions.

5. Best Figurines for Harry Potter Lovers

This $16 cute cake topper set is perfect for Harry Potter-themed birthdays.

Hey, we heard HP was making a comeback on HBO Max. How about a Harry Potter-themed premiere party? This topper will definitely be the best part of the party decorations and party supplies.

6. Best Cake/Cupcake Toppers for Yellowstone Fans

Where are my Yellowstone fans at? This $26 acrylic cake topper set comes with one happy birthday banner, 18 pcs latex balloons (three colors), one cake topper, and 12 cupcake toppers (six styles).

Imagine if Rip Wheeler told you happy birthday... a girl can dream!

A customer gave it a five-star rating and wrote, "This was perfect for the birthday party we were having! Came fast, easy to put together, image quality was vey clear and good!"