10 Country Songs About Moving on and Starting Over

There's something about the new year that makes us all want to start fresh. And whether you're starting over with a new job, a new relationship, a new home or just a new outlook on life, country music is there for you. Here are 10 of the best country songs about moving on and starting over.

"A Better Man," Clint Black

Relationships are hard and ending them is even harder. But Clint Black's 1989 debut single "A Better Man" finds the positive in heartbreak, reflecting on what he's learned and how he's grown. It remains one of the best country breakup songs about letting go.

"Easy Come, Easy Go," George Strait

There are plenty of country songs about breakups, but few are as positive as this 1993 George Strait single. "Easy Come, Easy Go" finds Strait saying goodbye to an old flame. But instead of dwelling on the past, Strait wishes her well and bids her good luck.

"I'm Moving On," Hank Snow

There's no better country song about moving on than, well, "I'm Moving On." Hank Snow's 1950 song about hitching a ride on a "big eight-wheeler" and getting away from an unfaithful woman became a country standard and stayed at the No. 1 spot for 21 weeks.

"Blue Skies," Willie Nelson

"Blue Skies" was written by Irving Berlin in 1926 and recorded several times over the years by artists such as Josephine Baker, Ella Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby. And who better to re-introduce the song to a country audience than country's resident  zen master Willie Nelson? Though Willie wasn't the first country artist to record the song (Moon Mullican recorded a version in 1939), he did record one of the most popular versions for his phenomenal album Stardust. Hearing Willie sing "nothing but blue skies from now on" is the perfect soundtrack to a new beginning.

"A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega," Ashley McBryde

Sometimes the best changes can happen on the worst days. That's what Ashley McBryde sings about in her 2016 breakout single. The singer raises a toast to the "worker bee that ain't gettin' no honey" and the "breakups that didn't break us." It's a reminder that we'll all inevitably fall on hard times, but the real test is how we move on from them.

"Tennessee Song," Margo Price

Sometimes the best way to start over is going back to your roots. Margo Price's back-to-basics anthem "Tennessee Song" finds the singer longing for simpler way of life in the country.

"These Boots Are Made For Walking," Loretta Lynn

"These Boots Are Made For Walking" was first recorded by Nancy Sinatra in 1966. Loretta Lynn put her own Kentucky spin on the classic kiss-off the same year.

"Brand New Man," Brooks & Dunn

"I saw the light, I've been baptized by the fire in your touch and the flame in your eyes," Brooks & Dunn sing in this 1991 song about a man giving up his old ways for a promising new relationship.

"I'm a Long Gone Daddy," Hank Williams

Hank Williams wrote plenty of songs about eternal heartache and suffering, but he also knew when it was time to cut and run. His 1947 single "I'm a Long Gone Daddy" follows Ol' Hank as he leaves a bad relationship for good.

"Wildflowers," Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt

"When a flower grows wild, it can always survive/Wildflowers don't care where they grow," Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt sing on this 1987 song from the Trio album. It's a perfect sentiment for anyone unsure of what their future holds.

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