Country Road Trip Songs

10 of the Best Country Road Trip Songs


It's the dog days of summer, making it the perfect time to grab some friends or get the family together and plan a cross-country summer road trip. There's something so relaxing about packing up the car and enjoying your favorite country songs as you take in the American landscape going by outside the window. So hit the road with these country music songs on your road trip playlist.

1. "On The Road Again," Willie Nelson

Penned by Willie Nelson, "On The Road Again" was written about life on the road on tour. The singer-songwriter wrote and performed the song for the film Honeysuckle RoseThe song earned the performer a Grammy Award for Best Country Song.

2. "Life is a Highway," Rascal Flatts


Originally performed by Tom Cochrane, "Life is a Highway" is the ultimate road trip song. The 2006 cover by Rascal Flatts just makes you want to get out on the open road.

3. "Wagon Wheel," Darius Rucker

Rucker's cover of Old Crow Medicine Show's classic song is one of those songs everyone loves to sing along with. It's guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser in the car.

4. "Dirt Road Anthem," Jason Aldean


One of Aldean's signature songs is the beloved "Dirt Road Anthem." Whether you're cruising country backroads or the Interstate, this one is bound to get your trip started off right.

5. "Take Me Home (Country Roads)," John Denver

Country? Check. Roads. Check. John Denver's all-American voice? Oh yeah. This is a road trip must.

6. "Highway Vagabond," Miranda Lambert


If you are, say, taking a road trip to New Orleans or Las Vegas then you definitely qualify as a "Highway Vagabond" and as such, this song is a necessity for your road trip playlist.

7. "Take a Back Road," Rodney Atkins

Interstates are convenient -- a stunning 20th Century achievement, even -- but back roads are where the stories are. Rodney knows.

8. "Days Go By," Keith Urban


Every good road trip makes you wistful for the good times once it's over. Keith Urban's "Days Go By" reflects on life's fleeting moments and encourages you to make the most of every day.

9. "Amarillo by Morning," George Strait

You probably won't make Amarillo by morning, even if you live in Texas ( that state is huge), but it's the spirit of the song that counts.

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10. "I've Been Everywhere," Johnny Cash

Originally written by Geoff Mack, the song was first made popular by Lucky Starr in 1962. The song follows the narrator singing about all the places he's been. Cash's deep voice really adds to the story in his cover of the song.

This story originally ran on March 25, 2019.

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