Fans Fire Back at Narrative That Beyoncé’s New Album Saved Genre
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“Country Music Isn’t Dying”: Fans Fire Back at Narrative That Beyoncé’s New Album Saved Genre

Okay, let's talk gang. Beyoncé's new album Act II: Cowboy Carter has proven controversial to say the least. While it's gotten plenty of darling reviews, many country music fans haven't exactly embraced the album. Now, they have to deal with the media narrative that the singer somehow saved the genre — a genre mind you that makes an estimated $4 billion annually. It's silly. Whether you're the biggest Beyoncé fan in the world or not, it's hard to argue that Bee resurrected a dying genre.

That's because country music isn't dying. If anything, it's evolved over the years with more sounds and voices than ever. One just has to look at the smash successes of artists like Morgan Wallen, Jelly Roll, Luke Combs, and Lainey Wilson to see that country music is in safe hands. The older stalwarts like Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, and Reba McEntire remain as popular as ever. All three continue to entertain the masses on television as well.

So, when you see articles like Page Six's "Beyoncé revives a dying genre on instantly timeless country album 'Cowboy Carter'" it's hard not to feel frustrated. As someone who grew up listening to the genre, I get you. That article features controversial quotes such as "Enter Beyoncé, whose new album, Cowboy Carter (out Friday), is the revival that country music so desperately needed" and "Country music has been on life support."

Country Fans Blast Beyoncé

Country fans took the outlet to task. Several people wrote on X blasting the media outlet. One wrote, "'Dying genre' if anything, she's the one killing it. Another wrote, "Dying genre? Country music isnt dying. beyonce album was horrid"

Still, another wrote, "Dying genre? What Morgan Wallen just had back-to-back hit albums and they were country. Taylor just had two back-to-back country hit albums too. There were many country songs and albums that went #1 in the 2020s alone. Either u guys were paid to write such nonsensical baseless..."

Yet another wrote, "Country music has been at its biggest in the 2020s, if anything it's Beyonce trying to use the genre to promote her washed-up career, which is still not going to work out with the quality of music i just listened to from her."

Speaking of Cowboy Carter, I listened to the album on Friday, and it's not bad. Not really my thing, but I can understand why people like it. I don't think the album is the harbinger of doom that some think it is, but it's hard to call it country. But then again, I wouldn't call many of Dan + Shay's songs country as much as I enjoy seeing them in concert. There's room in country for Beyoncé, but no one should undersell the hard work and dedication of the genre's leading voices. Unless they want to face the wrath of fans.