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Anthony Bourdain Says This Simple Mistake Ruins Steak

Think you know how to make a great steak? Famed chef Anthony Bourdain knows the real secret to cooking the perfect piece of meat, and it's all about taking your time.

You may know Bourdain for his best-selling cookbooks and his multiple hit television series. In his current project, CNN's Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, he travels the world in search of exotic local cuisines. Needless to say, this guy pretty much knows it all when it comes to great food.

In a new video from Tech Insider, the culinary wiz reveals the simple but crucial step that can make or break your steak. Check it out below.

Naturally, it's tempting to disregard Bourdain's advice and dig in as soon as you take the steak off the grill. But taking those extra few minutes to let the steak fully cook in its own juices will truly make all the difference.

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