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This Cowboy Shares His Secrets for Heavenly Chicken Fried Steak

Oct. 26 marks Chicken Fried Steak Day in the Lone Star State. To celebrate, we wanted to share an authentic cowboy's tried-and-true recipe for chicken fried steak.

Authentic cowboy cooking relies on a handful of basic recipes: cobbler, biscuits, potatoes and black coffee. But, it's hard to find a more flavorful, resourceful and distinct dish than the chicken fried steak.

Cowboy Kent Rollins started learning how to cook from his mother and he never gave it up. His chicken fried steak is a star on his camp stove.

After you watch Rollins roll out this mouth-watering battered dish, smothered in gravy, it's easy to see how it eventually turned into a delicacy.

Rollins starts with some top sirloin to make this dish tender from the get-go. He tenderizes it slightly to give it that thin, iconic texture.

He whisks up a few eggs some whole milk (or canned milk for the authentic camp experience).

Then he dips that cut of meat in some flour. Dunks it in the egg and milk mixture and then dips it back into the flour for a full, flaky texture.

You know what's next. The good stuff. He fries up those battered steaks and on both sides until golden brown.

He transforms the leftover grease from the cooking process into rich gravy by adding flour, canned milk and water. Rollins whisks it together into a smooth concoction and he's done.

Rollins says chicken fried steak, "started out not as any kind of delicacy, but some way to make meat more tender."

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This Cowboy Shares His Secrets for Heavenly Chicken Fried Steak