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This is What Happens When You Barbecue Steaks over Lava

The classically masculine culinary tradition of barbecuing... Okay, let's start over. The only type of cooking many ladies can get their husbands to tackle, normally means investing in some type of jumbo grill.

Sure, that huge propane tank and tiered grilling space seem powerful... until you see someone grilling their steaks over lava.

The Syracuse University Lava Project built a trough, unfurled some lava underneath a simple grill frame and slopped on a few steaks. The results are hypnotic.

Admittedly, lava seems to give those steaks a medium to well-done look after you the flames rise up and over the steaks around the 2-minute mark.

The truly experimental element of this geology department science project starts when they plop some steaks directly onto the hardening Basaltic lava while it's still piping hot.

If you need a full body suit, eye protection and gloves to cook those steaks, you're probably playing with insanely hot rocks, or you need a few more cooking lessons.

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This is What Happens When You Barbecue Steaks over Lava