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9 Cozy Converted Church Homes You'll Want to Move Into

These days, there are a lot of options when it comes to real estate. You can move into everything from tiny homes on wheels and yurts and massive million dollar mansions. While you might immediately consider hunkering down in a former house of worship, these unique spaces are filled with light, high ceilings and plenty of space. We've rounded up 9 of the most inventive and beautiful converted church homes from across the country.

1. Church with a Pool



If you think luxury and retired churches don't go together, think again. This amazing Airbnb listing in Accord, N.Y. comes complete with an outdoor pool and hot tub. Spacious ceilings and views out to the surrounding forest make this an ideal location for a weekend getaway.

2. Old World Illinois



From the outside, this church looks like it is still ready for a congregation come Sunday. But inside, the home has transformed into a spacious and airy abode filled with old world charm.

3. North Carolina Gem



This regal church was built in 1910 and turned into a then transformed into a glamorous single-family home. Hardwood floors and creative use of the high ceilings exude the elegance of another era.

4. The Texas Chapel



A little chapel in Wimberley, Texas captures all the wild romance of the state. Once you step inside, you are completely bathed in light, while the back porch treats you to a glimpse of the property's beautiful surroundings.

5. 19th Century Baptist Glory



Some converted homes still have the original sanctuary in tact. That's the case with this refurbished 1895 Baptist church. The living quarters are nearly as spacious as the main place of worship. So if you like ostentatious style, this one is for you.

6. Cozy Colorado Chapel



1920s style meets updated modern amentites in this little Colorado church. It's also located in the midst of the historic town of Louvier, which is registered on the National Register of Historic Places.

7. Australian Escape



For those of you looking to broaden your horizons and get out of the country, here's your perfect opportunity. This charming but rustic AirBnb will totally transport you back to 19th century Australia.

8. Canadian Elegance



Some churches hide their original purpose completely. That's the case with this sleek and polished space in Victoria, British Columbia, which features high ceilings and modern fixtures.

9. Pacific Northwest Palace



If you like some seriously high ceilings and large rooms, this church conversion just might be the perfect space for you. The huge spaces and bright natural lighting of this Seattle, Wash. listing showcases all the perks of having a converted church home.

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