cardboard tiny house
Wikkelhouse/Yvonne Witte

You'll Never Believe What This Stylish Tiny House is Made Of


When you think of building materials, you probably think of wood, brick or stucco, but now you can add a new one to the mix: cardboard. This cardboard tiny house looks nothing like you'd expect, and it's surprisingly durable.

They call it the Wikkelhouse, and they make it by wrapping layers of cardboard around a rotating house-shaped model. The Amsterdam-based company Fiction Factory invented Wikkelhouse. "Wikkelom" is the Dutch word for "wrapping."

Each Wikkelhouse has 24 layers of cardboard that are glued together. The outside is also finished with waterproof foil and a wood facade.

The home is modular, using in 5-by-1.2 meter segments that users can put together however they want.


The folks at Fiction Factory say that Wikkelhouse is durable enough to last 100 years, yet you can assemble one in a single day.

You can use it as a spare bedroom, home office, cabin retreat, or full-time home.

If you plan to live in it, you can get the "smart home" segment which includes a bathroom and kitchen.

You can use Wikkelhouse in many ways. So far people have made it into a beach house, an office, a boathouse and even a spare classroom on the campus of Amsterdam University.


There is such a demand for the tiny homes that there is a waiting list for manufacture. Furthermore, Wikkelhouses are currently only available in Europe (through 2018).

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