10 Christmas Tree Theme Ideas To Try Inspired By 2023's Top Holiday Trends

Make Santa do a double-take.

Hold on to your baubles, folks. The age of the same old Christmas tree is officially over. We all have a soft spot for those sentimental ornaments from Christmases past, but it's time to put those popsicle picture frames you made in fifth grade away and give those branches a little upgrade.

Thanks to platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest, we're flooded with #ChristmasTreeInspo that goes above and beyond your basic tinsel and lights situation. So why not try something new? Whether you're a fan of tradition with a twist or someone who likes to march to the beat of their own jingle bell, experimenting with these new trends adds a little extra magic to your holiday season. It doesn't matter if you want to embrace jazzing up your fake Christmas tree or if you're a traditionalist who loves one of the many real types of Christmas trees; there are plenty of theme ideas out there to inspire you.

Maybe you want to embrace all things snowman or deck your tree out in Disney. Perhaps you're a minimalist, or maybe you want to make it look like Santa's workshop exploded all over your living room. Be it a color scheme, theme, or overall aesthetic, let's ditch the old and embrace the bold. Because this Christmas, we're not just decorating a tree; we're creating a masterpiece of merriment that would even make Santa Claus do a double-take jealous.

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 Christmas tree trends you should try this year:

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