Chris Stapleton Made a Brief Cameo on 'Game of Thrones' and Nearly Everyone Missed It

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Chris Stapleton was on this week's (April 28) episode of HBO's Game of Thrones, "The Long Night," but you can't be blamed for missing him. To be fair, there's a lot happening week to week on Game of Thrones and Stapleton was pretty unrecognizable in his celebrity cameo. Like, really unrecognizable.

Stapleton played a Wilding that turned into a White Walker during the Battle of Winterfell.

Rolling Stone reports that Stapleton, a superfine of the show, requested that his management contact the series about making a guest appearance.

"I was like, you know, I would gladly fly to wherever in the world just to be a small part and get to watch that show going down," Stapleton told Rolling Stone. "They were gracious enough to let me come participate that way."

Stapleton's wife, singer-songwriter Morgane Stapleton, posted a clip of the country star's scene on Instagram. "My wilding is a white walker," she wrote.

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Episode 3....My wildling is a white walker #got

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Stapleton told Rolling Stone he got a brief class in on-camera direction -- and how to be a White Walker.

"So the direction was basically, we're going to place you, and when we tell you to, open your eyes. And they trained us on how White Walkers are supposed to stand up and move when they're first waking up," Stapleton said. "We had a crash course in that."

The "Broken Halos" singer isn't the first musician to appear on the series (Ed Sheeran made a much talked about appearance in season 7), but he is the first country star to set foot in Westeros as far as we know.

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Chris Stapleton Made a Brief Cameo on 'Game of Thrones' and Nearly Everyone Missed It