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Chris Stapleton Made a Brief Cameo on 'Game of Thrones' and Nearly Everyone Missed It

Various special guests appeared on HBO's fan-favorite show, Game of Thrones, during its eight seasons. Ed Sheeran and the Icelandic group Sigur Ros showed up in the series. But you may not have realized that country star Chris Stapleton was one of those select celebrities that were able to have a cameo on the show. As a huge fan himself, he had his team reach out to the show to see if there was an opportunity to make a small appearance.

Stapleton made his Game of Thrones debut in the episode "The Long Night," which was one of the most memorable episodes in the entire final season. In the episode, the massive Battle of Winterfell against the White Walkers takes place. Fans everywhere had been waiting to see Jon Snow take on the Night King, and Stapleton not only got to see the episode from behind the scenes, but he played a Wildling who turned into a White Walker outside Winterfell. 

The singer-songwriter told Rolling Stone that the show was happy to welcome him, his bass player J.T. Cure, and tour manager on the show. 

"I was like, you know, I would gladly fly to wherever in the world just to be a small part and get to watch that show going down. They were gracious enough to let me come participate that way."

Stapleton's wife Morgane Stapleton posted a clip of the country star's scene on Instagram. "My wildling is a white walker," she wrote.

Stapleton told Rolling Stone he got a brief class in on-camera direction — and how to be a White Walker.

"So the direction was basically, we're going to place you, and when we tell you to, open your eyes. And they trained us on how White Walkers are supposed to stand up and move when they're first waking up," Stapleton said. "We had a crash course in that."

This post was originally published on April 29, 2019.

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