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Chris Stapleton and Wife Donate to Family Who Lost Twins in Tennessee Flood

Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane have made a generous donation to a family that's grieving the loss of their infant twins in a deadly flood that recently swept through Tennessee. Seven-month-old twins Ryan and Riliegh tragically died after more than 17 inches of rain fell on Waverly, which is a small town west of Nashville.

According to local outlet Fox 17, the twins were swept from their father's arms as he tried to get them and his other children to safety. A GoFundMe page was created to help the family and as of August 25, it has surpassed its goal of $5,000, with more than 1,000 people donating more than $100,000. According to the donation page, the most important use of the money is to help cover funeral expenses. It'll also be used to help the family after the loss of their house due to the devastating floods.

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Out of the people who have donated so far, one name stood. Morgane Stapleton, wife of country music star Chris Stapleton, made a donation of $10,000 for the family. Cindy L. Hall, who is the mother of the twins, told Fox that she left to go find help when floodwaters began rushing into their home. Two of their other children survived, but the twins sadly passed away. She noted, "I was so worried about my babies. And the whole time I held onto a tree for six and a half hours screaming that I had babies at the house that needed rescue."

The mom stated that the family has been overwhelmed by the amount of support they have received and the donations that people have made in order to help them recover. During an update on the GoFundMe page, the family noted, "The donations we have received just makes us cry with joy and it is very overwhelming how many people are willing to donate to help. We are so grateful for everyone, and everyone has been so supportive, and Danielle has called you all angels."