Chris Janson + Kelly Lynn: Behind Their Love-At-First-Sight Story 

In beginning of the music video for his song, "Holdin' Her," country music singer Chris Janson calls himself the "luckiest man alive." He doesn't consider himself lucky because of the success he's had in his career, which includes becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry, earning two No. 1s and three Top 10 songs on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, and being nominated for multiple CMA and ACM Awards. Instead, when Janson mentions his luck, he's talking about the wife who stands beside him and the life they've created together. That woman's name is Kelly Lynn Janson, and they've been married since July 4, 2010. In the video, Janson shares more of their story, saying that he knew he would marry Kelly the moment he saw her. When they married, Janson joined Kelly's family, which included her two adult children. The couple also has two children of their own — a daughter named Georgia and a son named Jesse.


"I saw my wife for the first time nine years ago and called it right off the bat and said I was going to marry her," he says in a voiceover at the beginning of the music video, released in 2016. "Three years later I got the opportunity and I did it, and I didn't know what life was about until I got married and walked into a house that was already a home with kids in it, my bonus kids. And then, shortly thereafter, God blessed me with two more babies, and for whatever reason, I became the luckiest man alive."

The song then goes on to tell the rest of their story, as the singer/songwriter details meeting Kelly in an "underground pool hall" and proposing to her "on a park bench down on 4th street." He also describes how he felt when their daughter was born. Throughout the video, the couple is seen at various locations around Nashville and Franklin, TN. Their children also make an appearance.

As the love of his life, Kelly has been next to Janson through all the ups and downs of his career. Janson is an undeniable talent and entertainer with his electric shows, energetic harmonica playing, and feel-good country songs, but the "Good Vibes" singer didn't find immediate success. He began making waves in country music starting in 2009, as he co-wrote songs for Holly Williams, Tim McGraw ("Truck Yeah") and Justin Moore ("Off The Beaten Path"). He also played harmonica on a Lee Brice song called "Beer." The Missouri-native signed record deals with BNA Records and Bigger Picture Music Group, but neither deal spawned hit songs.

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Then in 2015, after encouragement from Kelly, he independently released his breakout hit single, "Buy Me A Boat." The song started gaining popularity on country radio through the Bobby Bones Show and other outlets, and it eventually led to a record deal with Warner Music Nashville. This deal paved the path for future hits such as "Fix A Drink," "Drunk Girl," and "Done," among others. Since his breakout single, Janson has released three studio albums: Buy Me A Boat, Everybody, and Real Friends. He also continues to write songs for other artists, and recent examples include LoCash's "I Love This Life" and Randy Houser's "Song Number 7."

Not only does Kelly encourage her husband in his career, but she also serves on his team as his manager. Janson's wife has a background in the music industry, which aids in her tasks of booking shows and getting from city to city.  The couple told People that they often travel by plane and take their children along for the ride, so as not to miss out on family time.

"The bottom-line truth is, I like to go home every night," says the country star. "Unless we are on the West Coast, and I mean on the far West Coast, I'm coming home every single night."

"The main goal is just to be together," adds Kelly.

Upon hearing their story, it's evident that Chris and Kelly have the kind of love to last a lifetime, but just in case it wasn't clear, Janson explains it best through song in "Holdin' Her."

"I am right at home / When I'm holdin' her," he sings.


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