Delicious chocolate martini in a glasses on a dark slate, stone or concrete background.

15 Chocolate Cocktail Recipes For a Romantic Valentine's Day Toast

These chocolate cocktail recipes will get your heart pounding this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day is traditionally an excuse to indulge in chocolate in all its forms. So it may seem obvious to keep the practice going with cocktails that celebrate the awesome power of chocolate. Once you decide to pair chocolatey cocktails with your decadent dessert, how do you find something that stands out? 

If you're sick of run-of-the-mill chocolate martinis or mudslides, we've got a surprise for you. There are many new and exciting ways to spice up your love life this Valentine's Day with chocolate cocktail recipes.

If you like your cocktails in hot chocolate form, you'll find recipes using red wine and spice to stay different. Adult milkshakes are even better than the originals when they include ingredients ranging from lavender and s'mores to white chocolate. Other influences such as Snickers, chocolate stout and strawberries will inspire Cupid to aim his bow.

No matter whom you're mixing cocktails for, we've got some of the most memorable chocolate cocktail recipes ahead. They approach the combination of chocolate and cocktails with fresh ideas and flavor combinations. You might even want to keep enjoying them all year long! Show chocolate your love and appreciation with 15 top chocolate cocktail recipes to get your heart pounding this Valentine's Day.


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