The 10 Best Chicken Fried Steaks in Texas That'll Change Your Life

Chicken fried steak is every Texan's dream comfort food meal so it is no surprise that in the Lone Star State, they know how to serve theirs up pipin' hot, smothered in cream gravy, and with sides that will make your taste buds sing with glee.

While Texas-style brisket or tex-mex tacos with queso come to mind when you picture the Texas food scene, the chicken fried steak is not to be overlooked.

If you haven't tried chicken fried steak before, it's created by tenderizing round steak with a mallet, or by using cube steak, which is then dredged in breadcrumbs and deep-fried like fried chicken in a cast-iron skillet. The steak is usually served with black pepper gravy and a side of mashed potatoes, okra, or golden-brown fries. Good chicken fried steak usually adds buttermilk to their dredge.

Here are our picks for the top 10 places to let your inner Texan indulge in the best crispy, tender chicken fried steaks in this great state.

Editor's Note: Due to the fantastic suggestions from our readers, this post was amended to include the top chicken fried steaks in Texas, chosen by our readers. Representing our community proudly is our goal, and your voices are always heard at Wide Open Country, and we hope you never stop giving us feedback! 

That being said, pack up your truck and take a trip with us as we explore the best of the Lone Star State.

1. Strawn: Mary's Cafe

Smack dab between Abilene and Fort Worth sits the best chicken fried steak in Texas. Our most popular reader suggestion was Mary's Cafe in Strawn, Texas, and damn if y'all weren't absolutely right!

One taste of this chicken fried steak sent us into a batter-induced euphoria so real, that it was hard to say goodbye to Mary's in the rearview mirror.

2. Spring Branch: Richter's Antler Cafe

Near Canyon Lake sits the second most popular suggestion for the best chicken fried steak in Texas. Again, this monster dish, covered in scrumptious gravy, certainly earned its spot on this list in the second slot, even if Mary's has the better batter.

The perfect post-float dinner, the chicken fried steak at Ritcher's was cooked to perfection and is something we still crave.

3. Stephenville: Jake & Dorothy's Cafe

Texas Country Reporter ranked this gem as number 2 for Texas chicken fried steak, so who are we to argue that it's in the top? Plus, Stephenville was rated in the top 100 American small towns, so it's worth a trip.

The quintessential chicken fried steak recipe is fully perfected at this steak house cafe, with a crispy breading on top and a generous helping of gravy. This Texas eatery is at 406 E Washington St, Stephenville, TX 76401.

4. Austin: Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill

Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill's decadent chicken fried steak boasts a spicy, chipotle cream gravy and is big enough to make its way to the top of our best in Texas list.

Be sure to visit them on Sunday for their brunch buffet featuring this delight, as well as, other stick-to-your-ribs Southern favorites, and one of the best Bloody Marys in Austin.

5. Fort Worth: Fred's Texas Cafe

While they may be known for their mouth-watering burgers, Fred's Texas Cafe serves one mean chicken fried steak that takes up an entire plate.

Their Sourdough battered fried steak, white gravy, hand-cut fries, and a salad plate is the tamest on the menu, but if you are looking for something a bit more unusual, go for the Chicken Fried Steak-texican loaded with taco meat covered in melted mixed cheese served on top of their famous fried steak.

6. Galveston: Miller's Seawall Grill

Located on the Seawall since 1976, this Galveston Island hallmark has been serving up their chicken fried steak with two eggs your way and crispy hash browns.

At Miller's Seawall Grill, breakfast is served all day every day, so what better way is there to have your chicken fried steak and eat it too, than by covering it with cream gravy and perfectly runny egg yolks?

7. Houston: Pappy's Café

This down-home Southern delicacy is topped with rich cream gravy and is paired with velvety mashed potatoes and your choice of house or Caesar salad.

Pappy's Café is every Houstonian's favorite spot to fill their bellies with some good ol' country cookin.'

8. Dallas: Ellen's Southern Kitchen and Bar



Ellen's Southern Kitchen and Bar features a chicken fried steak with perfectly spiced cream gravy that is the stuff every Texan's dreams are made of.

Pair yours with their rich mashed potatoes, bacon-laced green beans, and a caramel macchiato that rivals a certain, very popular, coffee chain.

9. Abilene: Skeet's Texas Grill

At Skeet's Texas Grill they don't skimp on the food or the flavor, and every meal on their menu will fill you up without emptying your wallet.

Their chicken fried steak is served up as big as the state of Texas itself, covered in velvety white gravy, and comes with a huge baked potato with all the fixin's—I'd be shocked if you left hungry.

10. Midland: Scotty's Soul Food and BBQ

Make your way to this local-loved hot spot for a delicious meal of chicken fried steak covered inScotty's Soul Food and BBQ's signature cream gravy.

Be sure to snag a basket of their cornbread and a side of their braised collard greens to round out this Southern meal with some Soul Food flare.

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