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5 Hanging Planters For Your Living Room, Front Porch or Patio

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If you're in the market for lightweight, durable hanging baskets, be it for your own needs or a housewarming gift for a green-thumbed loved one, consider these five cost-effective yet high quality options for both indoor and outdoor use.

1. Golden Home Ceramic Hanging Planter for Indoor Plants Modern Outdoor Porcelain Hanging Plant Holder Geometric Flower Pot with Polyester Rope Hanger for Herbs Ferns Ivy White 8 Inch

Ferns and other classic hanging basket plants will look great in this white ceramic planter.

The lightweight, durable plant holder is made of premium ceramic and held up by a polyester rope, which makes this a clever, minimalist evolution of classic macrame plant hangers.

Per the product description, each ceramic hanging pot features a drainage hole " to avoid water accumulation and help you prolong the life of your precious plants."

The bowl is eight inches wide and four and a half inches deep.

2. 4-Tier Hanging Plant Holder White Ceramic Planters for Wall Ceiling Decorative

Though it's durable enough for outdoor use, this second ceramic option is ideal for indoor display of succulents and other small plants. This space-saving set of hanging flower pots suits a lot of settings, namely apartments with limited room for home decor and greenery.

It measures 40 inches vertically, from end of the rope hoop to the base of the last succulent planter.

3. Golden Home Ceramic Double Hanging Planter 2 Tier Round Flower Plant Pot Porcelain Hanging Basket with Polyester Rope Hanger for Indoor Outdoor Herbs Ferns Ivy Modern Vertical Garden White 9 Inch

If you're looking for larger plant hangers that suit both apartment living rooms and back porch sitting, consider this double stack.

Each white ceramic hanging planter has a nine inch opening diameter, an eight and a half inch inner diameter and a four-inch height, making them suitable for houseplants with shallow roots.

4. Visland Wall and Railing Hanging Planters , Plastic Pots, Indoor and Outdoor Half Round Plant Holders for Fence, Balcony or Rails, Display Herb Gardens, Flowers or Plants

If you're looking to hang plants off a porch, fence or wall, consider these wall planters over options with polyester or cotton ropes.

These imitation rattan wicker planter pots are both gorgeous and practical. They're made of durable, eco-friendly plastic that will endure the elements.

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5. Bloem Dura Cotta Self Watering Hanging Basket Planter 12" Terra Cotta

A self-watering disk and hidden reservoir offers your plant a consistent supply of water while fending off root rot in this sturdy polypropylene pot that looks like classic clay.

It comes with matching cords and fits one and a half gallons of soil.

It's UV protected, making this macrame hanging planter yet another option that suits your indoor and outdoor needs.

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