Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Teases New Video for 'Cry Pretty'

Though watching it will only make you feel impatient, like seeing the preview for the following week's episode of your favorite TV show, Carrie Underwood's short clip of her upcoming music video for "Cry Pretty" will prepare you for the video that promises to be simultaneously fabulous and vulnerable.

Since "Cry Pretty" is an ode to taking off one's mask and letting emotions out, the video will definitely reflect rawness and fragility. But since the video serves as a comeback for the country star, viewers will also see Underwood looking stylish and as stunning as ever. Judging from the few scenes in her Instagram clip, it seems as though a "perfectly flawed" look has been curated for the video like the already iconic image of the glittery tears seen in promo photos and the album cover for her upcoming release.

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When Underwood announced her comeback to the spotlight after a serious injury and time off, country fans were more than ready to welcome her back. "Cry Pretty" was released about three weeks ago, and true to form, Underwood brought the house down at the ACM Awards when she performed the song live for the first time. Her new album, also titled Cry Pretty, will be released on Sept. 14.

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