Carrie Underwood Breaks Her Silence After House Fire
Photo By Joy Malone/Getty Images

Carrie Underwood Breaks Her Silence After House Fire

It was only a few days ago when Carrie Underwood's Tennessee home survived a fire that threatened to engulf the entire property. The fire required eight of Williamson County's stations. The saving grace ended up being a 10,000-gallon water tank on the property that firefighters used to put the fire out. (Underwood and her family lived in a remote, isolated location. So, it was already hard for the fire trucks to get to them.)

When the fire was extinguished and we were all certain Underwood and her family were safe, radio silence followed. From Underwood and her husband, former NHL player, Mike Fisher. Until recently, all we had was a statement from Underwood's team.

"There was a fire on the property on Sunday night, which was quickly contained. There was no fire damage to the primary residence, and the family and their pets were unharmed."

But, finally, Underwood emerged back into the public eye! ...Kinda! She posted a cryptic, now-expired Instagram Story that alluded to the house fire. In it, Underwood fed one of her sheep with a simple comment displayed.

"Life is stressful sometimes. Take a break and watch a sheep eat."

Short and sweet saves the sheep, eh?

Carrie Underwood Speaks Out After A Devastating House Fire

I can't believe I just found this. Technically, yes, Underwood hasn't said a word about the house fire until recently. But the day after the fire, she did repost a giveaway on X (formerly Twitter) hosted by her fitness app, Fit52.

"Ready to build a wellness routine that sticks? We've got you. Try the fit52 app FREE for 30 days, and enjoy fitness motivation from an incredible community (hey [hashtag]fit52fam!), endless flexibility to make the workouts work for you, and delicious recipes. Sign up via this link below and tag a friend who you think would love to try fit52. *This offer is available for new subscribers only for the month of June."

Just a little thing I happened to find humorous. Even after a fire, the gains don't end for Underwood! Maybe we never got the full story. Carrie Underwood might've suplexed the fire out of existence for all we know!