Carrie Underwood's House Catches Fire With Singer And Family Still Inside
Photo By Joy Malone/Getty Images

Carrie Underwood's House Catches Fire With Singer And Family Still Inside

According to Williamson County Fire Rescue, all eight of its stations went to Carrie Underwood's property to combat a blazing fire. Per WKRN, the fire began around 9:40 PM last night (June 16, 2024) in the Pinewood community, west of Leiper's Fork. Fire crews reportedly had to travel up a long road, then up a long driveway to Underwood's primary residence.

The fire started in Underwood's garage while her husband, NHL hockey player Mike Fisher, and their sons, Isaiah and Jacob, were there. Fortunately, however, there were no injuries to Underwood or her family. There wasn't any damage done to the primary residence, either.

A spokesperson representing Underwood would directly address the situation afterward. "There was a fire on the property on Sunday night, which was quickly contained. There was no fire damage to the primary residence, and the family and their pets were unharmed."

Despite the fire's ferocity, firefighters were able to deal with it. This is thanks to the home's 10,000-gallon water tank (which was already on the property). Consequently, this may have made all the difference as the property itself was fairly remote and isolated.

Carrie Underwood's Tennessee Home Catches Fire With Her Family Inside

However, though the fire was quickly contained, the fire crew remained for several hours. The fire got into the walls and kept flaring back up in hot spots. Currently (and luckily), Carrie Underwood and her family evaded what could've been a catastrophic situation. While the garage itself may be a little worse for wear, the family and their primary home were quickly secured.

This incident follows a string of haphazard luck for Underwood. On one hand, she put on the show of all shows at the Carolina Country Music Fest. She performed in the pouring rain, and everyone ate it up. Regrettably, the night would end with her taking a steep fall. But she literally (and figuratively) got right back up, smiling and pushing onward.

It's safe to say that neither water nor fire can impede Underwood for too long. Wherever Underwood goes, something seems to follow her. And if whatever that something is means her ill will, it's been failing terribly as she only becomes bigger and better.