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Do You Remember 'The Carol Burnett Show'?

Do you remember The Carol Burnett Show? The hilarious one-hour variety show/sitcom was a favorite during its day and age but is still considered a timeless classic tv show. Carol Burnett, along with other comedic cast members and guest stars, performed some of the funniest skits and parodies of the 70s, still to be remembered throughout the decades to come.

The Carol Burnett Show ran for 11 seasons, starring Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman(seasons 1-10), Lyle Waggoner(seasons 1-7), Tim Conway(seasons 9-11, guest star for seasons 1-8), and Dick Van Dyke(beginning of season 11). The tv show not only established and defined Burnett as a popular television superstar favorite but also won the Emmy Award for "Best Variety Series" three times.

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Not only did their funniest sketches come from parodying well-known movies and television shows, but they also came from their own original recurring series of comedy sketches. Some of their more popular parodies included Went with the Wind!, which took after Gone with the Wind, and As the Stomach Turns, which was inspired by the tv series soap opera As the World Turns. Mrs. Wiggins and The Family were both original recurring series of comedy skits on the show, ultimately leading to their movie Eunice, and a spin-off tv show starring co-star Vicki Lawrence called Mama's Family.

The tv series also hosted many famous guest stars including Bernadette Peters, Sonny & Cher, Steve Lawrence, Betty White, Lucille Ball, and Bing Crosby. The Carol Burnett Show was so popular that CBS, ABC, and NBC all ran either the series or more post-show series, making some of the characters from the show timeless. Many will remember their show favorites such as Mr. Tudball from the Mrs. Wiggins series, Eunice from The Family, and even the unnamed charwoman, who was considered to be Burnett's signature character.

Luckily with modern technology and the Internet, you can still find the same popular humor from Carol Burnett today that entertained the US back in the 70s. She has a youtube channel that contains throwback clips of sketches from The Carol Burnett Show, as well as interviews from people who were on the show and highlight reels of the best sketches from her co-stars. And as she says, "It's hilarious, honest!"

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