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Kevin Costner and Lily Costner attend the Los Angeles Premiere of "Black or White" held at Regal Cinemas on Tuesday, Jan 20, 2015, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Invision/AP)

Kevin Costner's Lookalike Daughter Lily Costner Is a Talented Singer

Kevin Costner is known for starring in hit films like Tin Cup, Field of Dreams, Dances With Wolves, and more. He's one of the biggest names in Hollywood and the Oscar winner shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Somehow, he's managed to maintain a happy home life with his blended family despite having such a busy schedule.

The beloved actor had three children with his first wife Cindy Costner — Annie, Lily, and Joe Costner. Though he has three young children with his current wife Christine Baumgartner — Cayden, Hayes, and Grace, he still remains close with his adult children. In fact, he frequently collaborates with his second-oldest daughter Lily Costner, who definitely inherited her father's love of music and entertainment.

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Early on, Lily dabbled in the world of Hollywood and appeared in a few films — The Postman, The Baby-Sitters Club, and Black or White. Which is only natural for the child of a celeb growing up in Los Angeles. She was even Miss Golden Globe at the 2004 Golden Globe Awards. But her true talent lies in singing. Some major fans of Kevin's might not realize that for years he's been the lead singer of his own band — Kevin Costner & Modern West.

If you've watched Kevin's hit show on the Paramount Network, Yellowstone, and wondered how the music was so good, it's possible you were listening to his band. In 2020, he partnered up with Lily for the duet "Heaven's Gate" which was released on his album  Tales From Yellowstonefeaturing music from the TV show. The song is really good and perfectly showcases both Costner and his daughter's singing abilities.

Outside of performing with her father, Lily collaborated with country singer Trace Adkins with a rendition of "Silent Night" on his 2013 Christmas album. She's so good, it's hard to believe that she isn't everywhere by now! Kevin bragged on Lily's singing abilities to Huffington Post explaining that he thinks that she could be huge if she wanted to be. So maybe she likes keeping out of the spotlight after seeing what her father went through when she was a child?

"Lily is an amazing singer and songwriter. She can be a really huge star if that's what she wanted. I'm not sure she wants that. She's really gifted. Lily's way is not to knock doors down. I think she wants a quality of life. She's seen the quality of life that we've had and sometimes the idea of stardom, I think, is a mystery to her.

"She's content with performing. She's not a person who is trying to angle how to go faster and go higher and go larger. It's just not how she's built. She has an amazing talent. Does she want to give it to the world? I don't know."

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