Carly Pearce Provides Health Update Amid Treatment For Heart Condition
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Carly Pearce Provides Health Update Amid Treatment For Heart Condition

Carly Pearce is opening up about her health amid a battle with a heart condition. The singer took to social media to share a photo of herself out and about.

She said that she's staying active despite her condition. She also revealed that she's not a fan of the medication that she has to take to treat the condition.

You can find the full message below. Pearce wrote, "A little health update! It's been a month since this crazy heart stuff happened & have learned a few things I felt like sharing. 1) you don't have to over exercise every single day to feel good 2) medication sucks! 3) walking is a great form of mental & physical exercise 4) mindset is everything 5) change is hard but can be a really good thing For those of you asking- I'm getting better every day & feeling more like myself! I'll be running around like my usual self before you know it."

She continued, "Thanks for all of the prayers. I have felt them every single day."

Carly Pearce Talks Heart Condition

Previously, Pearce revealed that she thought she was dying from her heart condition. "I thought I was dying," she said. "It was like crazy, crazy chest pain. I thought I was having a heart attack.'s crazy because I'm a runner and I'm like, 'oh, my heart's healthy.' I don't know."

She went to the doctor and learned that she had a condition called pericarditis.

"I had a heart condition called pericarditis, and you're supposed to keep your heart rate down as you are recovering, which, as an artist and a performer and somebody who just released a record — it's been scary," Pearce said. "And I wanted to be honest with it because my shows look a little bit different right now, and also, just, I'm a young, healthy person that takes care of themselves, and my body told me something was wrong. And so, I just want people to listen to their body because you never know."

The singer decided to go public with her diagnosis. She said that she wanted to be transparent about her battle.

"I have always been transparent and honest about every part of my life so I feel like this deserves the same honesty," she said. "You guys know that I've been dealing with some health issues and through that, I have developed something called pericarditis, which is a heart issue."