Courtesy of Callie Twisselman's Team

Tour Diaries: Callie Twisselman On Life on the Road and Inspiring Her Fans to Pursue Their Dreams

Breakout country singer-songwriter Callie Twisselman has been on the road for months, entertaining her fans as part of the Cirque Musica Holiday Spectacular Tour. The singer's unique sound can be attributed to her love for country music and powerful lyrics.

Influenced by Geroge Strait and Dolly Parton, Twisselman began singing the national anthem for local fairs at a young age and quickly fell in love with performing. By 15, the country star began writing her very own songs and decided to move to Nashville in 2017. The rest is history.

Twissleman's latest music video for "Cowboy," which was released on her Closure EP, was inspired by her family's seventh-generation cattle ranch in California. The EP has amassed nearly 1 million global streams.

Wide Open Country caught up with Twissleman to chat about life on the road, some behind the scene access to her daily life on tour, and how she connects with her fans during shows!

1. What's your favorite part of being on tour?

My favorite part of being on tour is getting to share my music all over the country with new people. It's a great way to test out songs as well, and see the different reactions and which songs resonate with the fans.

2. How do you stay comfortable on the road? Do you have any pre-show, self-care routines?

I stay comfortable by making sure I get a lot of rest and I always do a little prayer before the show.

3. Do you have any games/ routines to keep you occupied while traveling?

Sometimes I'll break out my Nintendo switch and play some Mario Kart! Otherwise, I'll catch up on the latest show I'm watching, which right now is the Last Kingdom.

4. What artists do you listen to while traveling? Do you have any "on the road" playlists?

My theme song for this trip has been Britney Spears' "Circus." It's just the perfect song for this cirque tour to pump me up before the stage! But I've also been listening to the new Ed Sheeran album.

5. How do you connect with fans while on tour?

I love meeting the fans after the show whenever I can. It's really neat to see the impact my music has made on them and I love getting to chat and hear all of their stories.

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6. Do you have a favorite or most meaningful memory of meeting a fan on tour?

My favorite memory with a fan was when this little girl came up to me after the show and was so excited to see me and said that I really inspired her to pursue her own music career. Knowing that I can inspire someone to pursue their own dreams meant the world to me.

7. Favorite snack to eat on the road?

Favorite snack to eat on the road is avocado toast. It's just easy to make and I love it! But you gotta put the Everything Bagel seasoning on top, that just takes it to a whole other level.

8. Do you bring family members with you on tour?

Yes! My family has always played a big part in my music career, and has an all-hands-on-deck mentality. My sister and her husband are actually on tour with me right now, helping with whatever is needed. And then my parents will join for a few shows later on. I laughed and told my sister she has many roles she plays on this tour. My tour manager, driver, photographer, videographer, sound engineer, the list goes on.