Make Fruit-Flavored Tea From Home in Minutes With This Electric Kettle

I'm a huge coffee drinker. Like most people, we have a few reasons why we'd like to give up several cups of coffee a day for an alternative. For some, it's stained teeth, digestive issues, or simply just overpaying for overpriced coffee. For me, it's mostly the fact that I'd like caffeine, with the health benefits of drinking tea. As a novice tea drinker, I decided to give the Buydeem Tea Maker a try.

When I say novice, I absolutely mean I have never made tea before. (If you don't count sweet tea made from Lipton tea bags.) I've made a few cups of green tea with the K-cups down in my apartment lobby. However, green is not my color. I decided that black tea and infusion were the way to go!

Why I'm Interested in Tea These Days

The health benefits. Healthline says black tea has antioxidant properties. Layman's terms? Black tea (in moderation) can help decrease the risk of disease and improve your health. I joined a gym recently (yeah, I'm kind of on a roll), so I'm all about getting in a routine of a healthy lifestyle in the kitchen as well.

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What I Love

The tea maker is easy to use. As I mentioned, I've never used an electric tea kettle or have even used loose leaf tea until recently. Heck, I even sipped my tea from a coffee mug! (Looks like I'll need a new tea mug, so if you have any recommendations, send them my way!)

There are presets for the kitchen appliance. Of course, I did watch the YouTube video a few times, but I know making my next cup of tea will be a breeze! It takes less than five minutes to have a cup of tea ready. I believe it took about four minutes total for a quick boil and steeping.

buydeem tea maker

Allison Johnson

I also love that there's an option to boil water. This multi-use gadget is definitely going to come in handy for hot water! However, check out this Amazon customer review if you're thinking about using it as a coffee maker. One customer doesn't recommend it.

Another major perk is the 60-minute keep warm option and auto shut-off. Keep your tea warm while you tend to another morning (or afternoon) errand around the house. Oh, and if the entire family isn't big on hot tea, feel free to make some yummy iced tea.

Anyone a fan of McAlister's peach tea? Oh yeah, me too. Use the tea infuser to make some copy-cat tea.

You can find the Buydeem Tea Maker in stock on Amazon for $119.99.

The Cons

So you learn something new every day. I love the tea maker, so I don't have much to say about its cons (other than there are cheaper options). However, I made hot tea this morning on an empty stomach. I began to feel a bit nauseous after drinking tea.

It turns out, tea contains tannin, which is also found in wine.

buydeem tea maker

Allison Johnson

According to Healthline, "Tannins are a group of compounds found in tea. They are known for their distinct flavor and interesting chemical properties and may also provide health benefits." Tannins are bitter, which is why wine is also responsible for the dry mouth and nauseous feeling on an empty stomach.

No worries, I grabbed a buttered croissant and was able to soothe my tummy! This is just one of the things I'll have to remember next time I decide to have a cup of tea in the morning.

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