Make Bubble Tea at Home with this DIY Kit

Some people really love bubble tea, also known as pearl milk tea, bubble milk tea, or boba. But sometimes, a bubble tea or boba milk tea place with your favorite flavors like mango, green tea/matcha, strawberry, taro, and more with your beloved chewy tapioca balls (or boba tapioca pearls) just isn't anywhere nearby. Fortunately, you can make your own delicious bubble tea thanks to several different bubble tea kits that will help you make a bubble tea drink at home.

DIY Premium Boba/Bubble Tea Kit

This DIY premium bubble tea kit has organic hibiscus and rosehips that are caffeine-free, jasmine tea, black tea, boba balls, a Locca California bubble tea recipe, and several black boba straws. What else could you need in a boba tea kit?

Not only that, but this DIY boba/DIY bubble tea kit has a ton of great customer reviews. That's something I personally always look for, and considering you want to get the best kit to make your own bubble tea or give the perfect gift to someone who wants a milk tea kit, it's definitely something to pay attention to. The reviews also answer a few customer questions, like whether it's loose leaf tea or tea bags in the kit. (Answer: loose tea.)

Now, keep in mind that this tea gift set doesn't come with sugar syrup or a shaker, but no one's saying you can't add those things on your own. If you know you're going to drink a lot of bubble tea and try to cut out going out to buy iced tea, lattes, chai, etc. from the corner coffee shop, it's not a bad idea to invest in a kit like this and add on any extras you know you'll use.

What are you waiting for? The bubble tea is calling your name...

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