Busch Beer Hilariously Tease Cowboy Boot Crocs! Yes, Cowboy Boot CROCS!

All right, I'll be the first to admit that I am a huge Crocs fan. I love them, have them in pretty much every color, and I'm always excited to see what they come up with next. Let's face it, they're comfortable, practical, and good to use around the house. Do I ever wear them in public? Absolutely not, I'll be destroying my reputation here, but I'll gladly wear them around the house because I like how they feel.

It's really a love-hate relationship whenever it comes to using Crocs for everyone. So in comes Busch Beer to help prove a point to that statement. The popular beer decided to shock their fans on social media by sharing a quite controversial picture of some Cowboy Boot Crocs. Yes, you read that, Crocs have turned country. The boots also had several charms including their beer logo, a cherry, and a pin that said "Bad day to be a Busch Light." High-quality beer boots right there.

Obviously, we all know this is a joke, and no one would actually wear these. At least I hope not. If my boyfriend came in through the door wearing these I would automatically break up with him. They just look really ridiculous and unnecessary. Don't get me wrong I'm a big Busch Beer girl over here, but this is going to be a no for me. Can you imagine someone coming up to you wearing a snapback, a white long sleeve tee shirt, some light blue swim trunks, and these limited edition bad boys? Eeek, that confidence is immaculate! If only.

Busch Beer tweeted the image of the boots captioning the photo, "tell us this isn't genius," later tagging Crocs saying, "@Crocs if only." As expected social media went crazy and started giving their own opinions and tagging their friends. User @geauxjj48 replied to the image, saying, "This isn't genius" to which Busch Beer responded, "Don't lie to yourself, Brian."

While User @JMack_GGSN replied, "I'll take 3" to which the beer company responded, "One for each foot." I don't know who the marketing person running their Twitter account is, but they deserve a raise because these comments are hilarious. Thank you for always putting a smile on our face Busch Beer, it's a no for me, but thank you, I appreciate you.

Michelob're up next.

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Busch Beer Hilariously Tease Cowboy Boot Crocs! Yes, Cowboy Boot CROCS!