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Burger King Tacos: Were These Extras Full Of Spice or Not so Nice?

Yes, these really were a thing for a little while. Alongside favorites like the Whopper, various chicken sandwiches, nuggets, french fries, and more, Burger King once had new crispy tacos with savory taco sauce. Burger King tacos were apparently around over 10 years ago, and the fast food chain brought back for a limited time within the last couple of years. Do you remember them? Would you try one now?

What Were Burger King Tacos?

There was some version of this odd menu item back in 2010, according to Thrillist. A nutrition page logged by the Wayback Machine Internet Archive indeed lists tacos on the menu from November 2010, as well as taco sauce under "have it your way options."

They came back in 2019, although they weren't really anything special. The fast-food tacos had seasoned ground beef, shredded cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, and taco sauce, all in a crunchy tortilla shell. All the usuals of a Taco Bell taco and some hot sauce, basically.

How Long Were They Around?

The crispy tacos were only around for a little while from the burger chain, which sort of makes sense since it's a burger chain, not a Mexican restaurant or place where you'd normally expect to get box tacos like Jack in the Box. Even McDonald's basically sticks to breakfast burritos here in North America, and you don't exactly see Starbucks trying to change it up by adding a quesadilla to the menu.

Burger King's new tacos only seemed to be around for a few months back in 2019, and although they were cheap, apparently they weren't exciting enough or good enough for fans to clamor to keep them on the menu. You'll have to stick with the Impossible Whopper if you want to try something new from the fast food place while you're hanging out in the park or watching Netflix on your couch this summer.

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